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Call center system in Kenya

ORACO Kenya provides customizable call center software solution for small businesses in Kenya. Also, we have call center solutions for large organizations. And companies have the option of implementing the solution either as a cloud based call center or as an on premise call center phone system. Be that as it may, we ensure that the IP PBX system implemented remains highly scalable to allow for future needs. This will enable companies to deliver outstanding customer service. Below, we highlighted some of the most innovative call center features in a VoIP PBX system;

Automatic call distribution

Management of call queues remains one of the most important part of the call center system. And every call queue has a strategy for distributing incoming calls among the available call agents. Some of the strategies that can be incorporated into a call queue include:

linear strategy where call agents receive incoming calls in a predefined order

least recently called strategy whereby an incoming call will go to the least recently called call agent

fewest calls  strategy whereby the incoming will be directed to the call agent who has completed the fewest calls

lastly, the round robin strategy whereby incoming get distributed among call agents in a round robin schedule.

What is more, music on hold can be integrated into the call queue. Thus, callers can listen to advertisements and other products and services offered by the organization as they wait to be served. On the overall, call queue management has been very useful in shortening caller waiting time leading to improved customer experience.

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Call monitoring

Unified call management PBX phones have been designed to maintain consistent call quality. Therefore, the call monitoring feature has been added to the VoIP PBX system. This feature has enabled call center supervisors maintain certain level of customer experience. With the call monitoring feature, supervisors can perform the following functions;

When in listen mode, the call center supervisor can listen to the active call but none of the call participants can hear the supervisor

Still, when in whisper mode, the call center supervisor can listen to the active call and can also be heard by the call agent (whisper something to the call agent)

And, when in barge mode, the supervisor can listen to the active call and in fact participate in the call (the participants can have a 3-way call conference)

Besides call monitoring, the VoIP PBX system comes with a built in dashboard illustration performance per agent. All these features have been put in place to help with agent performance evaluation. Also, it provides a simplified platform for training agents. With call monitoring feature, the supervisors are presented with rich data that can be used to improve call center operation. Some of the information mined include agent login and logout, call duration, and call distribution per agent.

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Call center quality assurance

Call center quality assurance should be implemented and reviewed regularly for any company seeking to remain competitive in business. An important area of focus should be to sustain quality of service. The best call center will help your company to deliver excellent customer experience. With exceptional customer experience, it will be easy to build customer loyalty and attract repeat business.

Quality assurance can be achieved through analysis of the interaction between customers and the call center agents. Listening to call recordings remain one of the easiest ways of monitoring and evaluating how employees interact with customers. By listening to the recordings, areas for improvement can be identified early enough and appropriate measures taken. The proactive measures implemented will improve customer experience.

Quality assurance can also help to enhance call center agent performance. Be that as it may, customer care agents will likely strive to deliver the best service if they know they are being monitored. And also come up with personalized ways for continuous improvement at individual level. This will result in the improved productivity and performance for the company.

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Implementing call center quality assurance successfully

Define goals and objectives

The goal for quality assurance should be in line with the overall company vision and mission. This is particularly if there is need for support from the top management.

Realistic evaluation metrics

Coming up with realistic evaluation metrics is key in measuring progress. And these evaluation metrics should be communicated to all call center agents and their input considered. Involving call center agents in the whole process makes it easy to identify that require putting more effort.

Call center agent training  

Training should be offered as regularly as possible to enhance capacity. Besides the mandatory agent training, there should refresher training offered every quarter. This will ensure that customer experience standards set are adhered to.  

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is very critical in improving processes and procedures. Feedback forms and conducting surveys offer useful channel for gathering customer feedback. Since businesses exits to serve customers, a platform should be provided to enable clients to share areas that require improvement.

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Computer telephony integration

The integration of the telephony system into the computer networking infrastructure has been one of the most important development in the telephony industry. Computer telephony integration has brought about efficiency and flexibility particularly when very high call volumes. Furthermore, now we have softphones, that is, a software application with all the functionality of a physical desktop phone. This application has enabled call agents to execute all call handling features through clicks from the desktop. Still, there is a web based switchboard that simplifies call monitoring and call center management function.

With computer telephony integration, call center agents can login into their own user portal. Call agent user portal allows users to view call queues, call status and even check extension settings. Besides the user portal, the supervisor also has a web portal access. The supervisor’s web portal reveals more advanced call center settings for efficient agent supervision. As a matter of fact, the supervisor has more control over the call queue management function.

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Call center software

The call center system is not complete without a customer relationship management (CRM). As a call center software company in Kenya, we ensure that the VOIP phone system integrates smoothly with the CRM. Then our clients get to benefit from the value created. And what is call center software? In simple terms, the call center software is the platform upon which call handling features such as automatic call distribution, IVR, computer telephony integration etc. get configured.

Basically, the CRM stores in an organized manner all the important information collected about a caller (customer). The VoIP telephone system can be integrated with any CRM such as Salesforce to create a powerful call center system. This kind of integration enables call agents to easily retrieve client information. Therefore, the call agent will not be asking afresh for information already provided. This setup leads to a more personalized customer experience.

IVR system

Our VoIP PBX phone system comes with an inbuilt interactive voice response (IVR system). This module enables the telephony expert to create IVR prompts that helps in directing incoming calls. The IVR voice prompts offer guidance to the callers. Thus, the callers listen to the voice prompts in order to select a specific company service or be directed to a certain department.

Call recording

Be that as it may, the call center system will not be complete without a call recording feature. When enabled, the call recording feature will ensure that all or specific call queues are recorded. The recorded calls can be downloaded and later used in monitoring call quality and training agents.

VOIP PBX phone systems provides businesses with a powerful telephony platform for handling high volume call traffic. Automatic call distribution, the IVR, computer telephony integration and much more developed to improve customer experience. Contact us today for the best call center phone system in Kenya.

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