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Grandstream has developed a three-in-one facility management system that does contactless access control, IP security surveillance as well as a video intercom. All three functionalities are integrated into one superior device so that building owners can enjoy all-around security and protection.

To begin with, the IP-based device comes with an inbuilt HD camera that captures the image of the visitor at the gate or door entry. What is more, the camera offers up to a 180-degree surveillance view. Locally, the camera output can be viewed on the video intercom as well as though the screen connected to the Network Video Recorder (NVR). Equally, the output from the surveillance camera can be configured to be accessible remotely from a smartphone as long as there is internet connectivity.

Secondly, all in one home security device comes with inbuilt capability for intercom communication. Thus, the device has a built-in microphone and speaker. The security personnel at the gate can use the intercom to speak to the apartment/ home residents before allowing in visitors. This goes a long way in enhancing overall residential security.

Thirdly, the device can be used as an access control system to manage entry into and exit from the building. The device has a built-in RFID chip reader that enables keyless entry into the apartment blocks. Furthermore, the system provides a platform for keeping records of users so that in the event of an incident, tracking offenders becomes easy.  

Features of the Grandstream facility management system

  • Built IP based HD video camera with a resolution of about 1080p
  • Keyless entry. Users will have RFID cards for secure and convenient entry into the apartment
  • IP CCTV security surveillance that streams recordings into a video management software or Network Video Recorder. Also, allows for remote viewing of CCTV cameras from the smartphone.
  • Vandal-resistant design to ensure that the apartment security system is protected against malicious tampering
  • Manufactured with the best quality material to make it resistant to harsh weather conditions and the elements  
  • Comes with motion detection capability such that the hemispherical camera only records when movement is detected.
  • Inbuilt microphone and HD speaker to support communication through the intercom
  • Simplified wiring. Signal transfer happens through Ethernet cabling. Also, the device gets powered through PoE.
  • Seamless integration with other building services including, intruder alarm system, motion detection lighting, video intercom, automatic gate, door access control
  • Simultaneous communication onto different platforms i.e. the video intercom view, the network video monitor and the smartphone remote view
  • Installation accessories include: in-wall mounting brackets, USB RFID card reader

The Grandstream GDS3710 IP Video Door System

This is an innovative communications and security monitoring device suitable for apartment buildings. As described above, the GDS3710 IP Video Door System consists of an IP intercom functionality for audio and video communication, and an IP CCTV camera for building surveillance. Moreover, the device will function as a contactless RFID access control system to enable residents to enjoy a keyless entry into the apartments.

Even though the Grandstream GDS3710 IP Video Door System can be installed as a standalone solution for a single house, it is ideal for multi-apartment security. In a multi-apartment installation, the devices will be controlled centrally from a management utility software that allows several IP Video Door Systems to store RFID card information and video feeds.

Why should you install the all-in-one Grandstream GDS3710 IP Video Door System? Because the inbuilt HD camera will capture images of high resolution even in areas with poor lighting. Secondly, the device has an inbuilt microphone and speaker to allow two-way communication, for both audio and video, between the person at the gate and the person inside the house.

Thirdly, the device is equipped for seamless installation through PoE. Lastly, the device allows seamless integration with other important building services such as intruder alarm, and motion detection lighting control. What is more, the Grandstream Wave mobile app allows complete control of the video intercom, door access control. Still, have access to the remote view of the surveillance feeds from a smartphone while away from home.

Do you need a ubiquitous IP-based installation for office access control, apartment intercom system, or IP-based surveillance system? Then, contact us now for all your apartment security needs. Also, office networking, telephony, and ubiquitous IP-based installation.

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