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IP video conferencing systems KenyaTelephony

Logitech Group Video Conferencing

Logitech Group Video Conferencing system Logitech Group video conferencing system is a leading solution for video conferencing services in Kenya. The simplified design comes at an extremely good price because …

Unified Communications mobile clientsTelephony

VoIP Software for Call Center

Companies require cost-effective unified communications mobile clients that can boost workplace productivity. Ordinarily, most PBX telephone systems have an integrated feature of VoIP Software for call center in Kenya that …

Grandstream IP Phone Price In KenyaTelephony

Grandstream Phones

The Grandstream IP Phone price in Kenya Grandstream Phones in Kenya remain some of the most reliable and affordable desk phones in the market. To begin with, the quality of …

TG400 Gateway in KenyaTelephony

VoIP Gateway

VoIP gateway The VoIP gateway in Kenya has been preferred by companies looking for a concurrent call handling solution. For example a call center system can benefit a lot from …

Executive IP Desktop PhoneTelephony

VoIP Phones

VoIP Phones The IP PBX system remains the nerve center of the IP telephony infrastructure. And as a VoIP service provider in Kenya, we optimize the IP telephony so that …

Astersik open source PBX developer in KenyaTelephony

Asterisk PBX software

The Asterisk PBX Asterisk is an open-source IP PBX system designed to enable organizations to achieve flexibility. Asterisk-based IP PBX systems are very affordable and highly flexible allowing customisations that …

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