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Hillstone Firewall Price in Kenya

Hillstone Firewall is a cutting-edge network security solution that safeguards organizations against cyber threats. Built by Hillstone Networks, this firewall rivals its competitors in the industry through its granular visibility and app control features. ORACO Kenya is a reseller and authorized dealer of Hillstone firewalls in Kenya. We supply and install the firewall and also provide user support.

Hillstone firewall price in Kenya

Hillstone Networks consistently designs advanced network security appliances ideal for different use cases. They can be deployed for school network security, can also be used by companies in the manufacturing and services sectors. This firewall uses granular application identification and control to provide vital defense against cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. With its intelligent and adaptive capabilities, it ensures the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data, making it an indispensable tool for organizations of all sizes.

Hillstone Firewall Price in Kenya

PriceKES 249,900
Hillstone Networks applianceA series
SubscriptionOne year
License typeAdvanced threat protection with web security, application control and network protection
Number of users 50
Setup, Configurations and TrainingYES

Feature summary of the Hillstone Firewall

  • Web filtering based on URL and web content
  • Endpoint visibility and control
  • Traffic encryption through SSL
  • Antivirus protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Application control and filter
  • Data security and protection

Features of Hillstone Firewall

This network security solution boasts a plethora of cutting-edge network security features that empower organizations to protect their networks proactively. These include:

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): The IPS engine accurately detects and blocks suspicious network activities in real-time, preventing potential intrusions. The firewall uses intrusion detection sniffer mode to block attackers IP address. Furthermore, with predefined prevention configuration, network security can set auto push signature updates.

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Application Control: this network security solution allows administrators to regulate application access and prioritize traffic, enhancing network efficiency and security. In fact, the firewall can filter over 4000 applications by name or risk category.

Content Filtering: This feature enables organizations to control web content access, ensuring employees adhere to predefined internet usage policies. With content filtering, an organization can block harmful websites such as sites for gambling. Equally, content filtering profile can be assigned specific users or group of users to limit time spent on social media webpages.

VPN Support: this feature provides secure remote access through Virtual Private Networks (VPN), safeguarding sensitive data during transmission. The SSL VPN connection normally uses one time logging technique to prevent multiple logins using the same user credentials. Furthermore, the firewall will automatically do cache cleaning before a VPN connection session ends.

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Advanced Threat Detection: Utilizing advanced threat intelligence, the firewall identifies and mitigates complex threats with ease. It engages attacks defense technique responsible for protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Still, it uses zero trust network access feature to protect users connecting from remote locations.

Benefits of installing network security for your organization  

Enhanced Network Security: Hillstone Firewall’s multi-layered protection ensures comprehensive security against evolving threats. While the intrusion prevention feature actively stops attacks at gateway level, the antivirus focuses more on the endpoint security.

Increased Productivity: By regulating internet usage and prioritizing applications, the firewall optimizes network bandwidth, resulting in improved employee productivity. What is more, employees get protected from harmful websites such as betting sites.

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Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in network security saves organizations from potential financial losses due to cyber incidents and data breaches. For example, successful DDoS attacks over the years have cost companies millions of shillings in ransom payments. The easiest way to stop this is by installing a reliable and trusted network security solution.

Simplified Management: The intuitive user interface and centralized management tools make configuring and monitoring the firewall an effortless task. Even so, access to the administrator account can be secured further through integration with active directory.

Hillstone Firewall setup and Configuration

Assessment and Planning: Analyze the network infrastructure, security requirements, and the number of users to determine the suitable firewall model. Number of users will determine firewall throughput due to the need to sustain concurrent connections.

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Physical Installation: the entry level desktop firewalls for small businesses do not require rack mounting. However, enterprise level firewalls for big organizations will definitely require server room installation inside a network cabinet. A cost factor rack mounting should be considered not only as a physical safety but also for professional setup.

Initial Configuration: Set up essential parameters like IP addresses (set aside a range of private IP addresses for static and DHCP allocation). As for interfaces, you can configure main WAN link interface and backup link for load balancing if need be. The rest of the remaining ports can be configured for LAN and VLANs and also allocations done for special network resources. All these configurations get set through a user-friendly configuration wizard.

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Rule Configuration: the main work during firewall configuration is actually defining the firewall rules and creating them. To begin with, you can define firewall rules, including access controls, VPN settings, and application filtering, tailored to the organization’s IT security policies.

Testing and Optimization: when all is set, the firewall can be deployed full swing on a live network. Even so, after configuration, a thorough testing can be conducted to ensure the firewall operates as intended, and make necessary adjustments if required.

Network security best practices

Regular Updates: ensure the firewall always has the latest firmware. As for security signatures, the firewall will get updated from the cloud intelligence pool that ensures protection against emerging threats.

Network Segmentation: Implement network segmentation to minimize the impact of potential breaches and contain any security incidents. Network segmentation can be implemented through VLAN (virtual local area network). And configuration of manageable switch ports.

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User Authentication: Enforce strong authentication mechanisms such as two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent unauthorized access. As such, every sign-in should be verified through one time password sent either through email or as text messages to cell phone number.

Monitoring and Logging: Enable comprehensive logging and monitoring to detect and respond promptly to suspicious activities. Besides device monitoring, there should be application monitoring. This can only be achieved through a robust policy for device monitoring and application control.  

Employee Training: be that as it may, employees remain of the soft targets for cyber criminals. Educate employees about cyber security best practices, ensuring they understand the significance of adhering to security policies.  Cyber security awareness empowers employees on how to respond and to manage exposure to internet threats.

Factors to consider when buying a network firewall

Network visibility and control; an effective unified threat management solution should offer visibility into the entire network. Visibility and control of active devices ensures that any compromised device gets isolated before it brings down the entire network. Likewise, application control can make it easy to flag and block suspicious traffic before it overwhelms the entire network.

Robust Threat Intelligence: advanced threat intelligence capabilities provide a higher level of protection against evolving threats compared to some competitors. The cyber security company should have intelligence database in the cloud accessible to all active firewall appliances.

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Scalability: Firewalls are designed to grow with the organization, offering flexible deployment options that suit various network sizes. And, as a next generation firewall, it should incorporate security features such as zero trust network access (ZTNA) and software define wide area networks (SD-WAN) essential for branch connectivity.

Ease of Management: The intuitive user interface simplifies configuration and ongoing management, reducing the burden on IT teams. As a standard requirement, the configuration interface should be simple enough to facilitate easy firewall policy creation and enforcement.

Performance: a good firewall should deliver exceptional performance and low latency, ensuring minimal impact on network speed. In as much as port scanning and endpoint monitoring runs in the background, this should not impact overall processing speed.

Key sectors that can benefit from Hillstone Firewall for network security

Finance and banking sector: banks and financial institutions can benefit so much from firewalls to protect sensitive customer data and financial transactions against cyber threats.

Healthcare industry: hospitals and healthcare facilities can utilize next generation firewalls to secure electronic health records (EHRs) and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Real estate sector: companies in the building and construction sector can deploy unified threat management solutions to safeguard their customers’ information, and maintain uninterrupted operations.

Educational and academic institutions: schools and universities can use network security firewall to protect their networks from malware and prevent unauthorized access to educational resources.

Government institutions and departments: government entities can employ can network firewall to safeguard critical infrastructure and protect citizens’ data from potential cyber threats.

Hillstone Firewall is a state-of-the-art unified threat management solution that ensures robust protection against cyber threats. It delivers enhanced network protection, increased productivity, and device visibility and control. By deploying a good next generation firewall and adhering to cyber security best practices, organizations can fortify their network infrastructure and stay ahead of evolving cyber security landscape.

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