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In the dynamic world of business, effective time and attendance management is crucial for optimizing productivity and ensuring fair compensation for employees. ORACO Kenya is a supplier of ZKTeco time attendance system in Kenya. Are you looking for a leading provider of innovative biometric solutions in Kenya? Call us now! We offer state-of-the-art attendance management systems that help organizations streamline attendance tracking enhancing operational efficiency.

ZKTeco Time Attendance in Kenya

Time Attendance Key Specs and Price in Kenya

Price KES 35,400
User authenticationFingerprint, RFID card and PIN
Number of users1000 employees
Functionality Employee Clock in and Clock out
Connectivitylocal area network; USB stick
ReportsExcel, PDF
Installation and trainingYES

Benefits of ZKTeco time attendance

Employee clocking in and out accuracy

Biometric authentication, ensures accurate and tamper-proof time tracking. Employees can clock in and out using their unique biometric identifiers, such as fingerprints. This leaves no room for buddy punching where employees clock in for their absent colleagues. The more advanced biometric technology use facial recognition to ensure unparalleled accuracy in employee identification.

Instant attendance data transfer

With instant attendance tracking, managers can access up-to-the-minute attendance data effortlessly. These insights can help HR managers to identify patterns and take proactive measures. Still, this useful data can be used to make informed decisions promptly, leading to better resource allocation and workflow management.

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User-Friendly Interface

Attendance management devices have intuitive user interface which makes it easy for employees to clock in and out. Simple interface makes it easy for both employees and administrators to navigate the system effortlessly. The user friendly interface reduces the learning curve for the users to be conversant with a new system. Minimal training is required, ensuring a smooth implementation process. Thus, it fosters widespread adoption of the system across the organization.


Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, time attendance solutions offer scalability to accommodate your organization’s changing needs without compromising performance. Therefore, the system has inbuilt capability to accommodate more employees as the organization grows.

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Cloud application for easy reporting

Cloud-based time attendance solutions provide convenient access to attendance records and reports from any location. Cloud-based applications are scalable, cost-effective, and require minimal investment in the IT infrastructure. Most importantly, accessibility to attendance reports from the cloud make this solution ideal choice for businesses with remote or distributed teams.

Ease of integration with other systems

Attendance management systems can seamlessly integrate with existing HR and payroll software. Thus, the integration helps in streamlining administrative processes and reducing manual data entry errors. Seamless integration with payroll software also helps with simplification of the payroll processing function. How? Because attendance data can be directly imported integration reduces errors associated manual data entry. This saves valuable time for the HR and payroll personnel.

Available database backup

In case of network outages or connectivity issues, biometric devices can still operate in standalone mode. This ensures that attendance data is securely stored until that time when the biometric device can be synchronized with the attendance software.

Employee clock in and clock out rules

Companies have diverse attendance policies, and our system can be customized to take care of all these unique requirements. The system allows organizations to create customized attendance rules such as flexi-time, overtime, and leave policies. Customizable time and attendance rules allow organizations to set specific policies that create order and procedure. All these geared towards ensuring fair and accurate payroll processing.

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Mobile Application

Mobile app enables employees to clock in and out using their smartphones. This solution is suitable for on-the-go workforce management. Furthermore, mobile app can facilitate attendance tracking for off-site assignments or field employees.

Field staff tracking through Geolocation Tracking feature

For businesses with mobile or field-based employees, geolocation tracking feature ensures that attendance records can be tied to the specific job sites. Geolocation tracking feature enable enhanced visibility and accountability. For businesses with multiple branches or locations, a centralized attendance management software can help simplify oversight and improve operational efficiency.

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Comprehensive attendance reporting

Our system offers a robust reporting system complete with detailed attendance reports. Some of the detailed reports available include attendance summaries, late arrivals, early departures, and absenteeism patterns. All these reports empowers HR managers with valuable insights into workforce performance.

K40 zkteco Kenya

Compliance with Labor laws

By accurately recording official work hours and breaks, time attendance systems can help organizations comply with national labor regulations. Compliance with statutory requirements and labor laws can help organizations to avoid potential legal issues related to employee welfare.

Enhanced physical security

Biometric authentication eliminates the need for cumbersome access cards or PINs which sometimes can be less efficient. Use of biometrics for employee authentication reduces the risk of security breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive areas within the workplace. Particularly, when the biometric device is also deployed to work as a building access control system.

Improved employee punctuality

The use of ZKTeco time attendance management systems fosters a culture of punctuality and accountability among employees. This normally leads to increased productivity due to discipline nurtured among the employees.

Major savings on staff cost

Automating attendance checking reduces administrative overhead. In fact, attendance checking eliminates paper-based processes hence minimizing the need for manual data entry. Also, there will be cost savings by reducing manual administrative tasks, and better optimization workforce utilization. The resultant effect is staff cost savings for the organization.

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Employee Empowerment

By providing transparency and accurate attendance data, employees will feel empowered to take ownership of their attendance responsibility. This leads to improved attendance, reduced late coming and greater job satisfaction. Furthermore, accurate attendance data can enable managers to analyze employee punctuality and attendance trends objectively. This further supports performance evaluations and can be used to identify areas for employee improvement.

Leave Management

Integrating leave management features into the attendance software simplifies the whole leave management process. The integration takes care of the process of requesting for leave off, and leave approval. Also, it helps with tracking of employee leave days. Smooth workflow and continuity can be achieved when the leave management process is fully integrated.

Biometric Access Control

The biometric devices can also serve as biometric access control systems, restricting entry to authorized personnel only. This can boost office security. Ideal areas for installation access control systems include server room, cashier office, warehouse, company stores, personnel and records office etc.

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Environmental Sustainability

Embracing biometric attendance solutions reduces appetite for paper consumption. As an eco-friendly solution, biometric solutions support sustainable business practices by contributing positively to the environment.

Dedicated Customer Support team

We have a dedicated team of customer support that ensures prompt assistance in any case of queries or issues. We ensure that the warranty terms provided gives our clients the much needed peace of mind. Moreover, we extend a two year warranty to all biometric devices supplied and installed by ORACO Kenya.

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ZKTeco time attendance systems represent a paradigm shift in workforce management. It offers businesses an efficient and secure solution to track employee attendance accurately. Besides biometric precision, the system assures users of real-time data and comprehensive reporting. What is more, the system is open to seamless integration to third part application such as Premier payroll software.

With its biometric authentication, real-time data capture, customizable attendance policies, our solution offers a perfect remedy attendance tracking challenges. By leveraging our innovative time attendance solutions, organizations can achieve better employee time management and reduced staffing and operational costs.

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Without a doubt, biometric solutions can drive productivity, promote accountability, and streamline administrative processes when implemented the right way. As organizations increasingly prioritize efficiency and security, biometric attendance solutions stand as a powerful tool to meet their evolving needs. As a biometric solutions company in Kenya, we help organizations streamline business processes paving the way for sustained growth and success.

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