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Handheld Metal Scanners

In modern times, metal detectors in Kenya have reduced crime rates in society. However, the security situation around the globe remains as unpredictable as the weather patterns. Thus, we stock original Garrett metal detectors in Kenya. We believe that security is a serious matter. Consequently, the world needs superior quality security equipment. Apart from free installation of the equipment, we offer user training both onsite and offsite.

Malls, office premises and high-end shopping places all require high precisions instruments for detecting the presence of metals in the surrounding. By using the metal detectors you can easily find dangerous weapons that are hidden in bags, suitcases and some even dug in the ground.

The gadget consists of a sensor which when swept near a metallic object, it will produce an alarm indicating where exactly a thorough search should be done. The alarm tone becomes even more severe the closer the detector is from the metal.

Despite the fact that handheld metal detectors Kenya being generally more affordable and convenient to use. They can be strenuous to use in a place with high pedestrian traffic. Therefore, busy environments such as the airport entrance or mall entrance points, walk through metal detectors simplify the work.

The good thing with these metal detectors is that they can detect weapons even those concealed inside a pocket or in jackets. As a matter of fact, they have been very instrumental in controlling smuggled contraband e.g. knives and guns into prisons.

The Garrett Metal Detector device

The Handheld weapon detectors have foiled many attacks. As a result, they are commonly used to secure both public and private establishments. ORACO Kenya only deals with original Garrett Hand-held metal detectors in Kenya. Garrett is a trusted security equipment manufacturer. This is because the Garrett metal detectors are very sensitive and offer high detection rate. These detectors can sense guns and other metallic objects with high precision. Additionally, they consume very low power. On a single charge, the detector can go up to two days without a recharge. In fact, the detection distance does not reduce when the battery is low. No wonder, you will easily spot it while being used at very busy inspection points.

Garrett Metal Detectors In Kenya

The handheld weapon detector is one of the very affordable security tools. Additionally, they are really light and can be carried around without straining the security personnel. The weapon detector screening device work very well at the airports. Also, it can be used at the entrance to restaurants and shopping malls.

The handheld screening devices are the most recommended tool for screening especially at churches. Other public places that require surveillance includes border entry points, entertainment spots, and local supermarkets. Without screening gadgets, then security management becomes a challenge. Stakeholders must prioritize investing in quality security systems. Sufficient security at the critical points enables security agents to easily contain any situation.

Be that as it may, metal detectors, particularly Garrett handheld metal detectors in Kenya have really contributed in bringing order in the security industry. The bad people who used to conceal dangerous weapon within the body have drastically reduced. For this reason, it is highly recommended that handheld metal should be given even to residential privet security guards.

Walkthrough metal detectors

ORACO Kenya is a specialist installer of the most reliable walk-through Garrett metal detectors in Kenya. These walkthrough weapon scanners and detectors are convenient and flexible to set up. Moreover, they can be moved from one site to the other for temporal installation. They are ideal for use at events such as political and religious rallies. For maximum security, you can use both walk through and handheld metal detectors Kenya.

The four main reasons why people install walk-through metal detectors

  1. Walk through metal scanners are easy to set up. Only takes a few minutes to do a complete installation
  2. Weapon detectors are very flexible. Can be moved from one security point to the other with a lot of ease
  3. Efficiency in power consumption; the walk though weapon detector powers off when it senses no activity and powers on as soon as a person approaches.
  4. Weapon scanners give High precision detection rate. Can detect weapons and metallic objects with 99.9% accuracy
Below are some of the key features of a walk-through metal detector:
  1. LCD display screen.
  2. Can be managed using a remote control device. Instead of using the menu buttons, you can use a remote control device to adjust system settings.
  3. The equipment is waterproof and fireproof. The walkthrough metal detector Kenya can be mounted in an open space and it will not be affected with the raining season.
  4. Backup battery to support operation even during a power blackout
  5. The digital meter that automatically counts the number of people that accessed a building per day
  6. Inbuilt security programs to enhance functionality and application. Apart from the programs, there is a user manual that enhances user knowledge. Within the user manual, there are graphical illustrations for troubleshooting and technical support.
  7. Immunity to interference from radio frequencies. Similarly, microwave devices cannot interfere with the detector machine
  8. It has an inbuilt siren and intruder alarm system with indicator lights. This feature alerts the security personnel of impending danger and the need to be on the lookout.
  • Smart operation; goes to sleep mode if not in active operation
  • Ease of setup and installation
  • Adjustable sensitivity to fit recommended levels depending on unique terrain requirements.
  • Human safety: non-radioactive, non-carcinogenic
  • Will perfectly work in a networked environment

The deployment in high-security venues takes only a few minutes. Thus, they are ideal for use in special events such as political and religious rallies. Generally, using a combination of the Garrett metal detectors and sniffer dogs is even better. But in order to meet an advanced security surveillance setup, installing doorbell intercom system is highly recommended.

Under vehicle search mirrors

Under search mirrors for vehicles are also very effective for conducting under the vehicle searches. With the ever-changing face of terrorism, the bad guys might smuggle in dangerous weapons using the car. Therefore, it is recommended that security personnel think ahead. The use of under vehicle inspection mirrors to search vehicles is a good measure. For instance, Under vehicle search helps you to spot any suspicious device placed under a car for an appropriate action to be taken.

Apart from the obvious deterrent effect on petty offenders and other dangerous criminal elements, handheld metal decors have really made the work of private security guards easy and safe. ORACO Kenya is an authorized reseller of the handheld Garrett metal detector Kenya. And it is our pride to offer the security industry high quality, long-lasting handled metal detectors.

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