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Sophos XGS 136 Reseller in Kenya

The Sophos XGS 136 firewall appliance is an excellent network security system specifically designed for small enterprises. Typically, a small office with less than 50 endpoints. Indeed, the Sophos XGS 136 network security firewall has become very popular among small businesses in Kenya. Even so, we would recommend this firewall system for the big corporate organizations to install for their regional offices as well.

Sophos XG 115 Firewall Supplier in Kenya

For one, the Sophos firewall is affordable, which is buying the firewall appliance and the license subscription. What is more, the Sophos normally have exciting offers for new and current customers alike. Furthermore, discounts offered to Sophos firewall distributors are usually passed down for the benefit of the customers.  

Sophos XGS firewall system comes in two distinct types. While one appliance comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi capability, the other type has no wireless LAN. Nonetheless, both appliance will easily work with external wireless access points. Even so, we advise our client to purchase the Sophos firewall appliance with Wi-Fi capability. This is so that you can enjoy the all-in-one network solution in a box.

More importantly, it is critical to keep in mind that no organization is immune to threats from the internet. Even small businesses require protection against cybersecurity threats. Thus, it is important to ask the local Sophos firewall reseller agent about the best solution for network protection.

The Sophos Xstream protection license subscription

Sophos offers two separate licensing options, that is, standard protection and xstream protection. The Xstream protection license includes activation for all the major protection modules. They include Network Protection, Web Protection, and Email protection and Web server protection.

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On the other hand, standard protection licensing includes all that Xstream protection license offers except the Email Protection module and the Web server protection. We usually advise our clients to go for the Xstream protection license. This is why the Email protection module is important. Anti-Spam is actually part of the email protection service. Failing to activate will render all the endpoint vulnerable to spamming, and other attacks propagated through emails.

Then again, Sophos has very flexible licensing options. For instance, an organization can subscribe to an annual license or two-year license. Also, a client can purchase a three-year license subscription. Obviously, purchasing a three-year license is way cheaper than the annual license subscription. Depending on the available financial resources, clients have a choice between the different licensing options.

Even though the firewall appliance can support a fairly large group of standard users, there is an ideal user band. Hence, the Sophos XGS 136 network security firewall will be ideal for a company with less than 50 employees. Considering each employee has a laptop and a smartphone connected to the same network. Connecting more than the recommended user connection bands will affect firewall throughput.

Features of the Sophos firewall with the xstream architecture

Speed and performance

The Sophos XGS firewall is fitted with a powerful Intel processor. In fact, the Intel processor technology is a multi-core system intended for efficient operation. Hence, the most powerful features of the Sophos firewall will be apparent especially when setting up a VPN connection to a remote office.


Rack mounting: The network firewall appliance can be rack mounted on the network cabinet, just a level below or above the network switch. Even though it can be installed without mounting, the brackets can be acquired separately. And for those people who would like to mount the firewall appliance on the cabinet. The rack mounting kit can be ordered separately.

Connection Interfaces

The appliance comes with 4 gigabyte Ethernet ports. Additionally, you will get one gigabyte SFP port. SFP port is very important for those using fiber optic cable modules.

Input and output ports

For one, the rear side of the appliance also has two USB ports, one COM port, and HDMI port. Also, there is a Micro USB port. The front side of the appliance have indicator lights for various connection ports and Ethernet interfaces.

Storage hard disk

The firewall appliance also has an integrated SSD storage. As you may have realized the SSD storage technology boosts execution speeds. Hence, the assurance of outstanding performance from the firewall system. The storage is available for keeping configuration files, reports and device logs.


External antennas are usually available for the Sophos XG firewall with Wi-Fi.

Sophos has a wide range of security firewall solutions. Get to enjoy safe internet experience with the Sophos firewall solutions. Sophos Firewall for schools, private businesses or public institutions. Contact us today for professional advice.

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