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As part of the people mobility management solution, we offer employee attendance management system for companies in Kenya. This consists of a portable biometric device and attendance software that has simplified managing employees working in the field by keeping track of the digital attendance register. As a matter of fact, by having an open accountability platform like this one, the system instills discipline into employees. When the employees see fairness and transparency, their morale increase leading to improved productivity.

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The attendance management system can also be used by employees working remotely. However those in the building and construction industry and transport and logistics would find it an important resource. And generally, companies with mini offices spread across the world will definitely find this solution a must-have because it can works well in a networked environment.

For efficient human resource planning, managers require access to detailed reports. This is because success for any project requires a great understanding of the available resources. That includes manpower on the ground and the projected duration for project execution. Management can receive very rich reports by allowing the matrix portable employee clocking system to speak with the payroll management system.

field employees management system

Key features of the employee management system

  • Simple interface for creating field schedules
  • An intuitive interface for creating tasks per employee and assigning such tasks digitally
  • Real-time updates on the completion of tasks
  • Real-time tracking platform of the employees out in the field
  • Employee time and attendance management
  • Periodical reports to aid rapid decision making

Key benefits of the staff attendance management system

The electronic employee tracking system will replace the error-prone manual employee register leading to reliable and dependable staff reports. By using the biometric system to capture clock in and clock out time, no staff will be able to punch on behalf of a colleague.

The field employee management system has been integrated with a time attendance module to enable accurate tracking working hours. The integration enables different systems to communicate together by sharing critical data. At the end of the day, managers will be able to receive accurate reports

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The system can be integrated with payroll software. Since the system captures accurate working hours, there will be accurate processing of salaries and benefits. By having the correct salaries and employee expense figures, the management can plan efficiently and allocate an adequate budget to take care of human resources needs. furthermore, the IP PBX phone system allows uploading call expenses per user for better resource planning.

The accurate data captured into the field visit system can be used for future human resource planning and allocation. As a matter of fact, efficient planning entirely depends on the availability of reliable and accurate facts and figures. The accurate data will be required to manage not only present projects but also other jobs in the future.

Business managers can get critical reports about the employees presently working in the field, and how many did not show up today. Furthermore, there is a segment for those who showed up late, and also the ones who qualify for overtime.

The job processing and costing module

Furthermore, the field employee management system can be integrated with the job processing and costing module. Simply, this module is a tool for efficient project management. Therefore, it has important features that make project monitoring and evaluation easy. The good thing about this module is that it offers a simple platform for tracking project expenses. And this can be narrowed down to project phases.

For example, the organization can track the number of man-hours required for project completion. And the costing can be done based on the allocation per individual participating in the project. Similarly, get an estimated costing from the start all the way up to commissioning.

In between the project phases, the project officers can download progress reports capturing the amount spent so far and the number of personnel on the ground. At the end of the day, the project manager will be able to pull out analytical reports so that it can be presented to the board directors of the company.

The analytical reports will reveal hours worked per individual employee, and the overall hours used in entirety. Equally, the reports will reveal the costing per individual and the overall costing in entirety. All these can aid faster evaluation of the project based on the target set at the beginning. 

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