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Organizations are rolling out applications in a distributed network. These organizations majorly depend on multi-protocol level switching (MPLS) technology to ensure that critical services are available across all branches. However, MPLS still faces affordability and deployment challenges. Fortunately, the Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology has the capability to solve.

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Organizations are looking for a solution that enhances agility network infrastructure by creating flexibility and delivering more control to the client. Because users only understand the language of predictability, reliability, and scalability. And every client wants all these capabilities delivered reliably while still maintaining affordability.

Organizations continue to roll out critical services for remote and branch access. Even IP PBX phone system for the office. Existing technologies can no longer cope up with customer requirements. By way of example, cloud-based applications, IoT (Internet of Things) have come with unique setup requirements. Hence, innovative network security systems should be capable of offering 100% visibility into all applications running. In so doing, IT security staff will be able to gain the much-needed full control over which apps to allocate more resources.

The shift to Software-Defined Wide Area Networking technology

Implementing SD-WAN connections is way cheaper than maintaining MPLS.

Cost remains a critical factor when deciding between two competing connectivity technologies. And most companies consider SD-WAN technology due to the major cost savings associated with the solution. SD-WAN becomes cheaper because of the deployment shifts from the ISP to the client. Also, while existing technologies tend to be subscription-based, the new technology only requires a one-time setup expense.

software-defined wide area networking

The Sophos SD-WAN Solution assures reliable connectivity.

Most organizations with branch offices usually depend on VPN infrastructure to connect to the head office. The SD-WAN enables employees to connect remotely using a secure link when SD-RED is installed.  Thus, Sophos software-defined wide-area networking solution delivers traffic from source site to destination site with great reliability.

The Sophos SD-WAN Solution is an agile technology.

SD-WAN technology gives room for future growth and expansion. Whether an institution of learning or a business enterprise, SD-WAN technology allows the addition of new network devices. Organizations can set up new destination sites any time whenever needed.

The integrity of the applications used and information security.

Above all, the shared business applications are assured of protection whether payroll management software. And even the employee time attendance system among other self-service applications. Organizations can connect multiple locations from which employees can easily access a central database system without compromise on security.

Why install the Sophos Firewall with SD-WAN technology

All-round protection.

Companies, whether big or small, can achieve all-around protection by purchasing the firewall appliance with integrated SD-WAN technology. For instance, upon installation of the Sophos Firewall, the organization will get hardware protection, software security, and visibility into all outgoing and incoming connections.

Cost-effective acquisition.

The SD-WAN technology comes integrated with the Sophos XG Firewall. Therefore, there will be no need to purchase an SD-WAN device separately. Organizations will automatically realize significant cost savings on such acquisitions.

Establish multiple WAN connections

Setting up a WAN connection has been simplified. The IT staff can deploy as many WAN connections as required through a straightforward setup procedure. The same deployment procedure is true with setting up cloud applications and services.

Sophos XG firewall with a plus

The Sophos firewalls have inbuilt capability software-defined WAN connectivity. Hence, companies can easily establish secure links to a branch office and sometimes to a remote establishment. All the while being able to deliver dependable connectivity from a local server or hosted service. With a great assurance that the IT infrastructure will be kept safe from cybersecurity threats.

In the age of cloud computing, software-defined wide-area networking technology is fast becoming a solution of choice necessitating migration from MPLS supported connectivity solutions. This is because the customer today is looking for predictability, reliability, and scalability at a fraction of the cost.

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