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The technology for the manufacture of intercom systems keep changing. Today, we have intercom systems that can be installed without much wiring. And building contractors are beginning to appreciate the value of wireless doorbell in Kenya as necessary home security accessories. Even though they seem tiny, they have the capability of making or breaking a home purchase deal. In fact, new home buyers consider installation door phones installed as a must-have.  Home security has been simplified by the innovative wireless video doorbell system in Kenya. With wireless intercom devices, structured cabling will no longer be necessary. Nonetheless, structured cabling installation will be necessary when installing office telephone systems.

Wireless Doorbell System Kenya

The doorbell phone system only requires a power source and internet connectivity. The cost of getting internet connectivity to homes has reduced drastically in recent times. Apart from enabling remote view connection, the internet will facilitate network configuration for remote administration.

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Below, we highlight the key features of the video doorbell system and some of the reasons you should consider installing one at your home.

Key features of the wireless doorbell intercom systems

Long-lasting rechargeable battery

The intercom system is powered directly by electricity. Nonetheless, the doorbell camera comes with an inbuilt battery. This battery is able to sustain bell operation for weeks without interruption.

High definition camera

This wireless IP door camera gives you a clear image of the person at the door. The HD camera works superbly in both daylight and at night.

Two-way communication

The doorbell system has an internal speaker and microphone to facilitate communication. Your visitor speaks into the device and at the same time hears you respond. This efficient two-way communication capability has made video doorbell and intercom systems popular in Kenya.

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Remote view from a smartphone

The video doorbell camera system comes with an app to facilitate remote viewing from your smartphone. All the functionalities available on the physical device are accessible via the software as well.

Main reasons why you should consider installing a wireless video door phone system at your home:

Value addition

The moment you install a video doorbell system, you get your services on one device. You may ask how? To begin with, you have automated your door operation. Therefore you do not necessarily need to have an access control system installed separately. Secondly, you will reduce the expenses for security cameras or nanny cams. This is because the doorbell system automatically provides video surveillance at your door.

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Remote access

With the remote management app, you literally have the security of your home in your hands. Additionally, you will access live video feeds from the house regarding what is happening there. As a matter of fact, this video doorbell is a necessary requirement if you leave your kids at home with the nanny.

The Hikvision DS-KIS202

The video doorbell in Kenya is a simple intercom system for the residential and even hospitality operation. It consists of an indoor station complete with an outdoor device. The indoor station has a 7-inch color display screen, inbuilt loudspeaker, and microphone. The outdoor device features a CMOS IR camera and microphone. This means that the outdoor device will still capture a clear image even in a dimly lit environment.

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Even though the video doorbell comes with an inbuilt pinhole camera, the panel allows for the integration of additional cameras.

Salient features of the indoor station

  • Hands-free video communication using the inbuilt loudspeaker
  • The video intercom system supports up to 3 concurrent communication from the outdoor stations
  • The IR camera built into the outdoor device can be used for surveillance
  • Still, images can be captured by the IR camera built into the outdoor device
  • Users can unlock the main door remotely from the indoor station

Salient features of the outdoor intercom device

  • Support for hands-free video communication
  • The outdoor station supports at least 2 concurrent communication from the indoor station
  • Has an inbuilt IR camera very critical during low light situations
  • Supports single touch calling button
  • Compliant with IP65 standards for outdoor installation

The installation

Both the indoor station and the outdoor device can be powered by a 12V DC adapter. The outdoor device will be ideally mounted next to the main entrance door. Although the indoor station can be a table installation, it can also be wall-mounted at an accessible position. The ideal places for installation include the living room, the kitchen area, or inside one of the bedrooms.

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Affordable Wireless Doorbell Intercom System

For less than KES 20,000, you can have a fully working wireless doorbell Kenya for your home.  Also, this is a one-off expense. Clearly, this amount is a negligible expense considering your personal security and the security of your loved ones.

Even so, we know that you need this awesome home security device. Still, the doorbell intercom systems come enriched with other functionalities such as a burglar alarm system. In fact, the intercom system borrows a lot from the setup of an office telephone system.

We will help you design a solution that specifically meets your requirements. Contact us today for more about wireless video and audio intercom systems.

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