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To stay ahead of the ever changing cyber security landscape, companies need to invest in an agile internet security platform. Organizations require a computer security software that can stop credential theft, phishing attacks, identity theft and other vulnerability exploits. As Trend Micro Antivirus installers in Kenya, we provide cyber security consultancy services to help businesses remain safe and protected.

This solutions offers centralized visibility into the entire corporate network and the interfacing systems e.g. payroll management system. Visibility across the entire network enables the endpoint protection software to maintain a solid threat defense. A huge plus for companies with distributed systems deployed across several branch offices. It will enable IT security officers to make better informed decisions

Trend Micro Internet Security in Kenya

Trend Micro antivirus is an endpoint IT security platform that helps to detect and stop network security breaches faster and efficiently. This computer security software helps companies to reduce and keep the attack surface as small as possible thereby reducing level of exposure. As a cloud based cyber security application, it is designed to protect public cloud, private network, endpoint, and internet of things, and email.

Cyber Security trends

Ransomware attacks continue to rise due to the expanded attack surface. And continues to remain as one the biggest cybercrime threat to businesses. Initially, Ransomware attackers majorly focused on devices with Microsoft Windows operating system. But now, device users with Linux operating systems are also being attacked. Also, these cyber criminals have resorted to using new programming languages such as Rust to deliver payloads without being detected.  

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Stolen credentials is also the rise. For attackers to infiltrate other networks, they only need an employee’s password to Google account or Slack. In order for the operation to be a success, the attackers will use session cookies to bypass multi factor authentication.         

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IT system administrators should be very careful the kind of drivers allowed to be installed in a device. Some of these drivers might appear genuine but have hidden malware. For attackers nowadays use legitimate drivers to compromise security of an operating system. The drivers downloaded will come embedded with an exploitable vulnerability. The endpoint protection software will eventually be disabled by the attacker and the attacker will enjoy a free reign.

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The moment drivers with exploitable vulnerability get installed into the computer, the attacker will be able to execute system commands. Furthermore, the attacker can also bypass security features, execute malicious files and even spread the attack across the entire network.

Overcoming cyber security challenges with Trend Micro Antivirus

The starting point would be the deployment of a layered protection infrastructure. Deploying endpoint cyber security coupled with trained cyber security personnel will be paramount. Still, the importance of implementing cyber security basics can never be over emphasized. For instance, employees should use strong passwords for logins and multi-factor authentication where possible.  

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Secondly, ensure adequate monitoring of all IT assets. You should be aware of who is using which computer and from where. What is more, there should be timely response to all alerts received.

Most importantly, employees should be educated on the need to stay vigilant. Any abnormal behavior from the application or the device in general should be for timely intervention.

What to look for in an endpoint protection solution

Gives you better risk insights

A good protection strategy heavily relies on information and data gathered about incidences and events. This endpoint protection software offer better risk insights because of reduced false positives. Thus, the defense strategy implemented produces good results. Better understand, communicate and mitigate cyber security risk across the organization.

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More mitigation options

A unified endpoint security software provides various options for attack mitigation. Be that as it may, faster detection of threats leads to faster neutralization of threats. At the end of the day, infrastructure managers will be able to offer better protection of devices and applications using less financial resources. Since this endpoint protection solution has inbuilt agility, it can accommodate more users and devices.

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Helps you maintain a solid threat defense   

 Providing sufficient protection becomes complex as the attack surface grows. Simply put, it becomes more complicated to assure the safety of a thousand nodes as compared to 100 nodes. However, deploying a unified cyber security solution, will make the task less complex and faster. By implementing a tried and tested endpoint protection solution enables businesses to experience the power of a unified cyber security platform

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Why you need Trend Micro Internet Security

Faster intrusion detection and response

Every organization requires a network security system for identifying malicious activity and responding faster. The starting point would be to bring together information related to the reported incidents. Reduced false positives means that time spent investigating incidents is shortened. Therefore, implementing a defense strategy is faster.

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Efficient risk mitigation

Having mapped put the attack surface, mitigating risk becomes easy. As a company grows by acquiring more computers, the digital attack surface also expands. This makes exploitation easy because of the difficulty of providing protection. Hence, the IT security software enables organizations to gain visibility into the entire IT infrastructure. Also, the IT security team can now communicate risk and exposure levels. The overall result being an improved risk posture.

Safety for the remote workers

Today, the workforce has become increasingly mobile. This has led to borderless workforce whereby a major requirement for work is internet connectivity. The reorganization of the workplace, calls for rethinking how users can become empowered not to become threat footholds.

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Therefore, organizations need to be prepared in terms of closing all cyber weaknesses that can exploited by attackers. Thanks to remote working technologies, people can work from anywhere. Still, workers can use personal devices for accessing company IT infrastructure. By installing a good endpoint protection software, employees can work confidently from anywhere using any device accessible. This confidence can only be affirmed when users, and their devices are safe from cyber security attacks.

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Secure cloud computing

Organizations are increasingly deploying business data to cloud servers. With the convenience brought by cloud computing technologies, businesses no longer invest in expensive hosted servers.  In as much as cloud computing platforms are low capital expenditure to small businesses, enforcing user and application security can be a challenge. The endpoint security software will have the capability to protect employee devices and applications in hybrid work environment.

Trend Micro Antivirus not only delivers cutting edge protection to data centers but also to public cloud, private networks and even SaaS applications. The software is designed with top notch detection and response technologies that deliver efficient across multiple layers of protection.

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