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All in one integrated security system for finance and banking institutions

Banking and financial institutions require an all-in-one integrated security system that will protect targeted areas inside and outside the banking hall and still be controlled from a centralized point. Ordinarily, the commercial banks must install CCTV security surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, and burglar alarm (intruder alarm) systems. Even so, a biometric access control system should be installed at the door leading to the back office area.

ATM CCTV cameras for banks in Kenya

More importantly, there must be an agile communication infrastructure in place to boost coordination. Hence, we advise the IP PBX phone system to be installed. All in all, an all-inclusive security system is about increasing efficiency when managing people’s security as well as boosting property security.

Below are some of the areas that require an integrated surveillance system. 

Building CCTV surveillance system

The main entry point into a commercial bank must be secured. First, by an IP camera that can capture clearly the images of all people coming in and exiting the bank. And there should be another CCTV camera positioned outside to monitor all human traffic just outside the entrance to the commercial bank.

Secondly, magnetic contact should be installed at the door so that the banking premise will remain protected during closing hours. In case of an intrusion happen from the main entrance, the magnetic contact will break the circuit triggering the outdoor siren and the security officers will be alerted.

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The Lobby Area

This is where clients sit as they wait to be served. The lobby will require an IP camera, preferably a PTZ camera. Nonetheless, a regular IP dome camera will do. Also, there should be a smoke detector for fire safety. And break glass for emergency fire situations. Still, there will be a PIR detector to prevent burglary after working hours.

Integrated Security system

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Burglar alarm system

Burglar alarm system has become a very important security component for the banks and financial institutions in Kenya. In case of an incident that require emergency response, the bank employees can press panic buttons to alert security officers.

The burglar alarm system can be activated in the evening when the bank employees have closed the premises. In case of a burglary, the alarm system will cause the siren to go off. The siren will alert the security agencies of the intrusion. If the alarm system GSM module, the head of security for the bank will get text message of the ongoing burglary.

An intruder alarm, also known as the burglar alarm system, is a security surveillance system that consists of motion detectors that triggers alarm in case of intrusion. The alarm can be activated or deactivated through the key pad.

Protecting a business premise involves installing all the components of the burglar alarm system. The main components of an alarm system includes the magnetic contacts, control panel, PIR detectors and the siren kit. The electric circuit will remain closed once the alarm system is activated (armed status). If a person tries to open the door or the windows when in armed status, the circuit is broken. When the circuit is broken, electric flow will be cut and the alarm triggered thus the siren will be sounded.

Other areas that require integrated security system

Service Desk Areas

The service desk areas will only require IP cameras to capture the interaction between the banking staff and the customer. The footage captured can be used to solve a complaint in the event of a misunderstanding between the employee and the customer. Still, there should be a panic button installed under the commercial bank’s employee desk. The panic button will be used to alert the security team during a daytime robbery.

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The Counter/ Teller

Tellers in a commercial bank handle customer money. Tellers either receive money from customers or assist customers to withdraw money from their accounts. Therefore, IP cameras must be installed at these counters to capture the entire transaction process. Also, there should be a panic button just in case of a robbery.

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The Strong Room

All valuables are kept in the strong room. In order to protect all these valuables, the outer door leading to the strong room will require an access control system, preferably a biometric access control system. Then, a vibration sensor. Lastly, install an IP camera to monitor the events inside the strong room.

The biometric access control system should also be installed at the door leading to the bank office. Access control will ensure that those unauthorized do not go beyond the allowed limit.

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The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) point 

Another important area is the ATM point. Here, install an IP camera to capture the faces of the people accessing the cash dispensing machines. In case of an incident, the video captured footage can be used to help in investigations. Moreover, panic buttons can be installed to ensure customer safety.

strong room access control system

Strong room access control

The integrated security system will be managed by the control room. Also known as the control center, this room will house the network video recorder (NVR), the intruder alarm keypad, the security alarm panels, and the power supply system. Furthermore, a big display screen connected to the NVR will be installed at the control center to enable the security team to do the monitoring.

The control center, being the never center of the entire banking security system will definitely require protection against fire. Smoke detectors must be installed and even intruder alarms.

In as much as the above security setup is best suited for banking and finance institutions, the same can be applied in the retail business sector. For instance, a wholesale outlet will have almost the same security requirements. With proper needs analysis, every company can still reap the full benefit of an all-in-one security system. Our security and surveillance engineers will help to design the best solution that takes care of all your business security needs.

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