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UPS Price in Kenya

Uninterrupted Power Supply systems have become an integral component of modern life and business operations. With the increasing reliance on electronic devices and technology in the daily life, a reliable and continuous power supply is essential. We offer a variety of enterprise electrical backup solutions. Contact ORACO Kenya today for the best UPS price in Kenya.

UPS price in Kenya

Uninterrupted Power Supply, commonly known as UPS, is an electrical equipment that provides emergency power to a load when the primary source fails. It stores power that can run connected devices for a few hours during outage. Having it in place, enables smooth transition from the main grid to the alternative during power block out.

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Backup systems are widely used in homes, offices, data centers, hospitals, and industries. Essential particularly where power disruptions can result in significant inconveniences or losses. In short, these electrical equipment have been designed to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply. These are its primary components:

Battery: The batteries get charged when the primary power supply is active and provide temporary power in case of a disruption. The battery can either be made of lead-acid or lithium-ion.

Inverter: The inverter is responsible for converting the DC (Direct Current) stored in the batteries into AC (Alternating Current). Electrical devices run on AC power. The inverter ensures that the power supplied by the UPS is clean and stable.

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Automatic Transfer Switch: This component monitors the incoming electricity supply. When it detects a disruption or irregularity in the electricity supplied, it instantly switches to the stored power source. This prevents any downtime.

UPS Price In Kenya

Crown Micro UPS 650VAKES 5,000
Crown Micro UPS 850VAKES 7,000
Crown Micro UPS 1200VAKES 14,000
APC Smart UPS 1KVAKES 55,000
APC Smart UPS 2KVAKES 72,500
APC Smart UPS 3KVAKES 89,500
Power Distribution Unit (7 way PDU)KES 5,500

Where to install backup system

Data Centers: Data centers house vast amounts of critical information and servers. Even a momentary power interruption can lead to data loss or server downtime, resulting in financial losses and damage to a company’s reputation. Backup systems in data centers ensure continuous operation, preventing service disruptions. Backup system form an integral part of a data center infrastructure. They ensure that servers and storage devices remain online even during extended outages. This safeguards valuable data and maintains essential services, reducing the risk of financial losses and reputational damage.

backup battery

Healthcare facilities: In healthcare settings, where lives are at stake, a steady electricity supply is imperative. Lifesaving medical equipment require uninterrupted electricity supply. With this in place, critical medical procedures can be performed without the patients’ lives being endangered.

Industrial Operations: Industries, especially the manufacturing sector, rely heavily on automation and machinery. Electricity supply outage can lead to production downtime and financial losses. Therefore, backup systems in industrial setups keep the production line running during electricity supply interruptions, minimizing losses.

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Telecommunication: Telecommunication networks must operate without interruption to maintain constant connectivity. UPS systems support cell towers, data transmission equipment, and network servers, preventing communication breakdowns.

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Retail and Point of Sale (POS) Systems: In the retail industry, backup systems keep point-of-sale systems operational. Thus, transactions can be completed, and the point of sale system remain online keeping the business running. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction due to reliability even in times of electricity blackout.

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Commercial Establishments: Retail stores, banks, and offices depend on computer systems for various functions. UPS systems protect sensitive electronic equipment, prevent data loss, and ensure business continuity during power failures.

Benefits of installing Uninterrupted Power Supply

Protection from Voltage Fluctuations: backup systems regulate voltage, protecting connected devices from power surges and fluctuations. Without them, voltage fluctuations can cause damage over time. At home, they can be used to protect computers, home entertainment systems, and other critical appliances from sudden power outages. They provide enough time to save work and safely shut down devices.

inverter system

Data loss prevention: In this digital world, data processed and stored in computers have a lot of value. Data integrity can be safeguarded by allowing users to save their work and shut down computers properly during outages. Also, the cost of recovering lost data or recreating it from scratch can be substantial. A UPS system ensures that your data remains intact, saving you from expensive data recovery efforts.

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Business Continuity: In a business context, downtime means lost productivity. With backup solutions, employees can continue working without interruption. This ensures that the workforce can remain productive thereby avoiding the costs associated with idle time. Indeed, continuity remains crucial for all businesses. Hence, backup solutions ensure that critical operations continue without disruption, reducing financial losses and maintaining customer trust.

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Equipment Longevity: Power surges and voltage fluctuations can damage electronic equipment. Replacing or repairing such equipment can be expensive. A backup system acts as a shield, protecting your devices and extending their lifespan. Stable electricity extends the lifespan of electronic equipment by preventing wear and tear due to frequent voltage fluctuations.

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Environmental Benefits: be that as it may, clean power align with environmental and sustainability goals. These electrical equipment have been designed to be energy-efficient, and they reduce the carbon footprint of your electronic equipment. When devices get protected from regular voltage fluctuations, they last longer. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and e-waste generation.

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Types of Backup Systems

  • Offline/Standby: This type is suitable for protecting personal computers and other non-critical devices. It switches to the battery when it detects electricity interruption, but there may be a brief delay.
  • Line-Interactive: Commonly used in offices and small businesses, line-interactive UPS systems provide better protection against voltage fluctuations. Also, they offer smoother transitions to battery power.
  • Online/Double-Conversion UPS: These are high-end and are commonly used in data centers and critical industrial applications. They continuously convert AC power to DC and back to AC, offering the highest level of protection and seamless power supply. Today we offer best data center UPS price in Kenya.
data center backup

Uninterrupted Power Supply system play an important role in the modern society that heavily relies on technology. They not only offer protection against electricity disruptions but also voltage fluctuations. As a matter of fact, they ensure continuity in various key sectors such as healthcare and data centers. This technology continues to evolve, providing ever-improved reliability and efficiency.

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In fact, clean energy will not only protect valuable data but contribute to the longevity of electronic devices. As the world intensifies digital connectivity, the significance of uninterrupted power supply cannot be overstated.

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Uninterrupted business operation

In everyday life, disruptions happen. Electricity blackout can happen in the middle of an important video conference call. Still, electricity can suddenly vanish while working on a critical document and you lose unsaved changes as the computer shuts down. These situations can be very frustrating. And, they can affect productivity, data integrity, and, in some cases, even spoil the device.

backup UPS

A backup system acts as a guardian against electricity-related disruptions. It provides a seamless transition from grid power to battery backup when the electricity supply get interrupted. This ensures the devices being used stay operational. Moreover, the split-second transition allows a computer user to continue working, and even save the documents being worked on. Still, clean energy can protect electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations and power surges.

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Therefore, investing in a proper backup system not only reduces downtime but also translates directly into financial prudence. Every minute of interruption in operations can result in missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers. Hence, backup systems play a vital role in ensuring business continuity. They sustain device operation by providing a stable power supply during blackouts, brownouts, or transient voltage fluctuations. In short, backup systems ensure your devices remain operational even when the lights go out.

Contact ORACO Kenya today for the best UPS price in Kenya.

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