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Without a doubt, the Yealink W56P cordless phone remains one of the best wireless IP Phones in Kenya. Based on our experience as a supplier and installer of the VoIP PBX phone system in Kenya. However, due to one reason or the other, the IT administrator might require to reset the Yealink W56P base phone system back to the factory default setting.

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And these are the two main ways to perform this. Follow these steps for a quick and successful reset exercise.

Procedure 1: Reset Yealink W56P base through the handset

Pick one of the cordless handsets paired to the base.

Press the phone’s center button to reveal the menu.

Scroll down to the Settings menu. Press OK to reveal the options under the Settings menu.

Then scroll down to System Settings. Ordinarily, it should appear in between Telephony and Handset Name.

Under system settings, you will find Base Reset.

Upon choosing the Base Reset option, you will be prompted to enter a PIN. At this point, you can enter 0000 which is the default PIN or the new PIN created during the time of initial setup. Then press OK.

By pressing OK, the base will be reset back to the factory default setting. The cordless handset will automatically lose connection to the base. Nonetheless, the wireless cordless phone can always be registered back to the base as soon as the base reboots.  

Procedure 2: factory reset from the base itself

The first step is to power off the base.

Secondly, press and hold the Connect button. This is the same button pressed when trying to register the wireless handsets to the base.  

While still holding on the Connect button, now power up the base. Simply insert the adapter into a power socket and switch it on.

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Keep pressing on the Connect button until all the 3 LED lights turn to a steady green light. Just so you know, the first LED light is the indicator for power, while the second LED light indicates network status. Lastly, the third LED light indicates registration.

Now, reboot the base. Upon restart, the base will have been reset to the factory default setting. Note: all handsets initially registered to the base will be cleared as soon as the base resets.

How to deregister the Yealink W56H handset

Likewise, for one reason or the other, the IT administrator might require to reset the Yealink W56H cordless handset back to factory default. This is what to do:

Firstly, press the OK key on the handset to reveal the main menu.

Similarly, scroll down to Settings and then press OK.

Then, move down to Registration and press OK.

Then choose De-Reg. Handset option. Again, at this point, you will be required to enter a PIN. The default pin is usually 0000. You must enter the PIN to confirm the deregistration.

Now, select the handset to be deregistered. The De-Register message appears shortly thereafter. Just press Yes and the handset will be automatically removed from the base.

Also, the other acceptable route to reset the handset will appear under the System Settings. On the other hand, the message reset handset to default will appear when you press OK under Handset Reset. Still, you will be required the PIN to finalize the reset process.

Apart from the installation of the telephony infrastructure, we integrate contact center software

Finally, you can start registering cordless phones back to the base at your own pleasure.

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