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Configure IP Desk Phones for a Branch Office

The ability to configure remote extensions is an essential IP PBX feature that enables a company with branch offices to share office telephone infrastructure. Hence, once the IP PBX installation has been completed, the organization will be able to save on the cost of acquiring smaller PBX systems for the branch offices.

As a matter of fact, most organizations have realized big reductions in terms of capital expenditure allocations. For remote extensions, there will be no cost allocations to maintain separate telephony infrastructure for each branch office. This is because SIP technology has made possible to establish a peer to peer connectivity between different service providers.

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configure remote extensions in Kenya

In order to configure IP phone extensions remotely, you will be required to do port forwarding on the router. In the same way, you must configure NAT settings of the PBX system. Thus, in so doing, you will be able to configure an office extension using the WAN IP address. What is more, you will still be able to configure office telephone extensions remotely even when the IP address of the IP desktop phone and that of the IP PBX are in different LANs.

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How to Configure Remote Extensions

Firstly, log on to the router and configure port forwarding. By configuring port forwarding, you will simply be telling the router to allow traffic from on the specific pot numbers. Specifically, port 5060 is usually used to transfer voice packet. Kindly note that the port configurations will be done on the router connected to the IP PBX.

Secondly, you will be required to log on to the PBX system in order to configure NAT settings. You will find the NAT settings interface when you navigate to the advanced settings page. On this page, enter the external IP address, which is essentially the routers IP address. In a like manner, enter the local network address, that is, the class IP within which the PBX falls. Once complete, save the settings and exit.

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Next, navigate to the interface of the extension. Still, ensure that NAT is checked. Also, Register Remotely is checked. By checking those two options, you are telling the PBX system that those particular extensions will be deployed and accessed from the branch office location.

Now that the above settings have been configured and saved, it is time to test the configurations. If the settings were done correctly, the connection status on your IP phones will appear as Registered. Once the configurations have been proved successful on one IP desktop phone, then you can safely duplicate the same settings to all other office extensions.

Why should you use the remote extensions feature?

To begin with, the ability to configure office telephone extensions from a remote office will save your company a lot of hardware acquisition expenses. As a matter of fact, it all starts with the IP PBX installed at the main office. On the other hand, an organization can make a lot of savings on recurrent telephone expenses since calls made between branch offices and the head office will be absolutely free.

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Secondly, configuring remote extensions enables employees working remotely to still use office telephone lines to contact clients. As it is, the configurations will be done in such a way that the GSM gateway or the VoIP gateways will still be available for use even to the branch offices.

Lastly, managing office telephones can be easier if done from a centralized location. Thus, the telephony engineer will be able to manage all extensions from a central administrator console. In case of issues, the telecoms engineer can still reach the office extensions remotely and troubleshoot and give a solution.

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