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Top 10 best IP Phones for Business Executives

When doing a new installation or planning to upgrade the PBX phone system infrastructure in Kenya, companies will not hesitate to purchase the best quality, rich feature-rich, and affordable IP Phones. This is because purchasing the best IP desktop phones for your organization will determine the efficiency and quality of communication. More importantly, though, organizations will only enjoy the full potential of unified communications when the right VoIP phones are installed.

Whether in the hospitality industry, manufacturing, academia, security or financial sector; the telephony equipment installed plays a key role in the corporate world. In fact, it determines how efficiently vertical and horizontal communication is passed between all stakeholders.

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Thus, below we highlight some of the best IP desktop phones for the executive business professionals. 

Matrix IP Phones

These business IP phones are elegantly designed for the corporate world. Work very well with the Matrix PBX. This philosophy can be seen in the design of entry-level IP Phones such as the Matrix Sparsh VP110. The same is true with the design of the mid-range category phones such as the Matrix Sparsh VP310E executive IP Phone.

The high-end clients have even more elegance and sophistication. For example, the Matrix Sparsh VP510E premium IP phone has been designed with more advanced VoIP features.

Yealink IP Desktop Phones

The Yealink IP Phones are some of the most affordable open standard desk phones. These SIP-based IP phones are compatible with most VoIP PBX phone systems and third-party applications. Very compatible with the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX. What is more, the Yealink has very innovative wireless IP phones designed for the always on the move business executive. The VoIP phone varieties cater to all categories of users in the organization, from the junior executive to the very senior managers.

Cisco IP Phones

Cisco is a pioneer leader in the IP telephony industry. Just like the Yealink IP Phones, Cisco phones are elegantly designed and competently built for performance. By way of example, the Cisco 7800 IP phones are relatively affordable and totally classy. These are suitable for small offices and mid-size business enterprises.

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Avaya IP Phones

Avaya business phones have been designed for the collaboration environment. For instance, the Avaya IP Phones, are perfect for use in a Contact Call Center operation. Upon purchase of a complete set of headsets, they perform very well in environments where silence.

Fanvil Executive IP Phones

Fanvil designs and manufactures affordable IP phones for small and medium enterprises. The Fanvil desktop phones fall into two distinct phone categories. For example, the Fanvil X series IP Phones are specifically manufactured for the business and office environment. On the other hand, Fanvil H series IP Phones were designed for the hospitality industry; specifically the hotel and accommodation industry.

Thus, we have Fanvil X3SP being the entry-level IP phones while the Fanvil X210 model being the high-end IP Phones for the office business environment. By the same token, the Fanvil H2S wall-mountable IP Phones, Fanvil H3 Hotel phone and the Fanvil H5 IP phones for the hospitality.

Snom VoIP Phones

Manufactured in Germany, Snom VoIP Phones are high quality and some of the cost-effective VoIP phones for the business class. Snom IP Phones are engineered for superior audio quality. For example, the Snom D785 VoIP Phones and the D385 VoIP Phones are considered some of the most ideal for business communication.

Panasonic IP phones

Panasonic is also a pioneer manufacturer of quality desk phones. Best known for analog desk phones such as the classic Panasonic TS500 model and the more popular Panasonic KX 7730. Together, with the KX 824 PABX machine would suit a small office setup.

The telephones company upgraded the analog desk phones with digital ones. The Panasonic KX DT543 being one of the many digital phones. The digital phones generally tend to be compatible with the KX NS500 PBX system.

Today, Panasonic has some of the best IP phones in Kenya. Furthermore, they have ventured into the world of DECT phones; also known cordless phones. The Panasonic KX-TGP600 being the newest model of the Panasonic wireless IP phones. To take care of backward and forward compatibility, Panasonic has Hybrid PBX systems. Panasonic KX TDA100.

Mitel VoIP Phones

The Canadian Business phone systems maker is also known for one of the best Call center software and solutions. Mitel delivers business phone systems for small businesses as well as large enterprises. For instance, Mitel MIVOICE 5000 IP PBX SYSTEM has the capability to offer unified communication solutions for up to 300,000 users.

Grandstream business IP Phones

Manufactured in the USA, Grandstream is one of the most respected manufacturers of telephony products. Some of the best know Grandstream IP Phones include the GXP2170 and the GXP2135. Just like the Yealink IP phones, Grandstream has managed to eliminate compatibility issues by developing IP Phones around SIP technology.

More importantly, though, Grandstream VoIP telephony solutions are optimized for increased mobility at work. Thus, Grandstream launched DECT cordless IP phone market. Hence, the powerful Grandstream DP730 DECT wireless IP phones. Additionally, Grandstream telephony users, both Android and iOS users, will enjoy the Grandstream Wave softphone app for free.

IP desktop phones still remain some of the most preferred telephony equipment. This is because IP phones are easily scalable, and assure long term reliability. In fact, most of these desktop phones operate on the SIP platform, best for auto-provisioning deployment. Contact us today for the best deals on the best IP Desktop Phones, also VoIP Phone System in Kenya.

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