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Today, business transactions are initiated and even finalised online. Sophos Firewall and Sophos endpoint protection come in to assure security in business, education, and at home. As a matter of fact, installing a Sophos security system assures complete protection from all manner of attacks. The security system offers all-inclusive real-time protection for blocking phishing websites, malware threats, and compromised apps. A vibrant e-commerce environment calls for a serious banking security software with advanced ransomware protection. This kind of security requirement can be achieved through the installation of Sophos firewall at the gateway level and Sophos endpoint security at the endpoint level. See also; managed IT support Education and learning are also moving online. Sophos endpoint security is a solution for protecting computers and e-learning tablets. Computer labs do not need to run without licensed antivirus software. Learners require a safe browsing experience. Students get a lot of distractions from online advertisements. Such distractions are not good for an accelerated learning environment. Students require safe browsing which is a prerequisite for unsupervised learning. Sophos Antivirus for Endpoint Security

Features of the Sophos Endpoint Protection

Continuous virus scanning and elimination feature Get protection against virus and malware threats. Also, get real-time advisory on potentially harmful apps, websites, and ransomware. Furthermore, Sophos’ security system provides automated virus scanning and elimination. And, the isolated files are quarantined into a virus vault. The process happens automatically without any prompting from the user of the device. see; call center system The web protection feature The Sophos endpoint security offers web protection that does filtering of harmful web content on websites. Parental advisory feature controls online content visible to the kids and what the children can view online. Any content which is not within the recommended category for children is automatically blocked. Flagging off of adult content, non-education content helps students to concentrate on their studies without distractions. the E-commerce protection feature E-commerce and online shopping platforms bring about efficiency and convenience to consumers of goods and services. These online shopping platforms require users to share credit information to finalize transactions. With the advent of online shopping platforms, every device requires strong protection against online phishing. Regrettably, there exists key-logger software that can steal credit card information. The information captured from the skimming software is then used to wipe clean client bank account. see; networking installation company Privacy protection feature Presently, Social media apps have reduced personal privacy space. By the same token, it is now easy to post personal pictures and videos and even advice locations. Consequently, this creates an entry point that can possibly violate private privacy. Sophos antivirus protection monitors and blocks unauthorized access to the webcam, Bluetooth, email contacts, and Google location services.

Sophos Intercept X next-gen technology

Be that as it may, Sophos XG firewall system has provided a platform through which network security managers can monitor network activity per active user, and per the connected endpoint. What is more, behavior per application can be monitored from a centralized control center. In fact, when the network security reports are accessed through the Sophos iView dashboard, the network security administrator can gather more intelligence. The network security intelligence gathered is not only limited to users and devices activities but also covers known and unknown application activity.

How email phishing attack works

Usually, the attacker has a target in mind. The attacker will therefore send luring emails to a targeted group of email users. And the sent emails will contain malicious attachments. Since the emails sent are naturally enticing, the email user will be tempted to open the attachments. By opening the email attachment, a malicious code will get installed into the user’s computer. This is how the system becomes compromised. see; CCTV installer Now that the user’s computer has been compromised, the malicious code automatically installed into the computer will begin stealing information and critical from the computer. All the stolen information will be transferred to the attackers systems without the knowledge of the victim. Having gained complete control over the victim’s computer, the attacker will be able to launch companywide attack from that one compromised computer. Therefore, a corporate network can remain protected by eliminating that single point of weakness.

Sophos Endpoint Security

Technical Support Afterward, have access to 24-hour online support. Do email communication and also engage in live chats for support from the online technical support team. For this reason, the Sophos endpoint protection platform ensures that any challenge that a client faces is resolved instantly. see; IP PBX system. Sophos endpoint protection can be implemented across platforms. Therefore, device users have an option to install Sophos endpoint protection as desktop application software. On the other hand, the security system can be rolled out as a cloud service. Actually, scaling the number of devices under protection in an easily. Still, there is no limit to the number of devices that can be managed from a single account. Be that as it may, cloud deployment eases device monitoring and policy implementation. Even so, remote management from Sophos central gives system administrators a unified console from which they can manage users and their devices. The remote management feature enables the system administrator or the parent to monitor devices from any place (with an internet connection) through an intuitive web interface. In any case, device management made simple through an easy-to-use web interface. Apart from Sophos antivirus, we are Sophos firewall resellers in Kenya and Sophos Firewall Kenya. We also supply and install PBX.

Zero day protection

The endpoint security landscape has really shifted over the years. While ordinary antivirus software relied on signatures to detect malware attacks. Today’s malware has become so advanced that detection requires a better technique than just signatures. Therefore, the need for a smarter security system that can protect endpoints from malware attacks with or without embedded signatures has become urgent. Endpoint protection with Intercept X is about gathering actionable intelligence, proactive threat detection, and automated response. see; best payroll software in Kenya Malware attacks, better known as, malicious software attacks have aggravated endpoint security calling for advanced malware detection and response tools. For instance, the latest research indicates that Ransomware attacks are the leading threat to organizations’ IT infrastructure accounting for at least 26% of all attacks. Followed by advanced malware and email malware at 20% each.
endpoint protection with intercept X
The generic malware and antivirus attacks only account for 12% of the attacks. A real indicator that indeed endpoint protection landscape has shifted a lot. The traditional antivirus software can longer cope with the new developments. Endpoint security is no longer about protecting your computers against yesteryear attacks but blocking the sophisticated, highly undetectable attacks. Thus the Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR developed. Get all these and much more from Sophos firewall dealers in Kenya.

Benefits of installing Endpoint Protection with Intercept X with EDR

Protection against unknown threats Sophos Intercept X incorporates artificial intelligence in the protection architecture enabling it to not only detect known threats but also unknown threats. This is today’s assurance of protection against tomorrow’s attacks. Separating malicious software from good software usually is not an easy task. That is where machine learning comes in to help identify the more complex threat features which cannot be captured by ordinary antivirus software. Sophos intercept relies on deep learning the methodology which assures of highest accuracy detection levels and a lower rate of false positives. Capacity to stop Ransomware attacks Sophos Intercept X uses CyptoGuard technology to protect computer files from ransomware attacks. For a start, the system captures file cache. Then, it analyses the encryption behavior of the files under watch. The malicious files are isolated in order to stop the attack from spreading further. An automatic rollback of file changes happens immediately thereafter. Likewise, the system has a WipeGuard technology for protecting the computer disk and the entire boot files.  When booting files are protected, then the computer will be able to boot as normally even as the disk is being cleaned from any unauthorized file encryption. see; interactive voice response system Deny attackers access through exploits While most ordinary antivirus software detects malicious software by scanning files, most attacks today happen in a file-less manner. The attacker basically exploits the vulnerabilities that exist in software and applications. Hence, the exploits need to be blocked in order to stop attacks from being executed. Even though Sophos assures protection against attacks through exploits, regular updates for the operating system and device firmware also play another key role in boosting general network security. Even the VoIP PBX system needs the same protection.

The Automatic Sophos Clean technology

Sophos has automated the entire endpoint protection cycle. From threat detection, file or device isolation, behavioral analysis to clean up and rollback. As it is, the Sophos cleanup uses an automated methodology to clean a system of malware. Basically through automatic eradication of any identified malicious codes. Also, it eliminates all registry keys that did not pass the behavioral analysis test. Unto Sophos clean, add device control feature. This feature enables IT administrators to restrict the use of flash disks and external drives. In this case, the only USB drives allowed must have been the ones supplied specifically for company use. Any personal use of flash disks will be blocked from being used to access company resources. Contact us for the best cybersecurity solutions, network security and endpoint protection, and IT Support services.

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