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Grandstream PBX in KenyaTelephony

Grandstream PBX System

Grandstream PBX System in Kenya ORACO Kenya is a supplier and installer of the the Grandstream PBX System in Kenya. We offer the best telephony solution, the PBX being the …

TG400 Gateway in KenyaTelephony

VoIP Gateway

VoIP gateway The VoIP gateway in Kenya has been preferred by companies looking for a concurrent call handling solution. For example a call center system can benefit a lot from …

Matrix PBX Phone SystemTelephony

Matrix PBX Phone System

Matrix Telecom has unveiled Matrix Eternity PE which is an IP PBX for small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, this is an extremely affordable, feature-rich, VoIP phone system that easily …

VoIP Softphone KenyaTelephony

VoIP Softphones

The use of VoIP softphone for telephone communication has become revolutionary in Kenya. Also known as VoIP software in Kenya, the app converts a computer or a smartphone into a …

Astersik open source PBX developer in KenyaTelephony

Asterisk PBX software

The Asterisk PBX Asterisk is an open-source IP PBX system designed to enable organizations to achieve flexibility. Asterisk-based IP PBX systems are very affordable and highly flexible allowing customisations that …

WiFi IP Phone in KenyaTelephony

Wireless IP Phones

With the Wireless IP phones in Kenya, it is possible to setup IP PBX system even without installation of an elaborate structured cabling and networking infrastructure. At ORACO Kenya, we …

Cordless Phones in KenyaTelephony

Cordless Phones

Best Cordless Phones in Kenya Cordless phones are sometimes referred to as the wireless DECT phones in Kenya. These phones have been manufactured to meet the requirement for mobility in …

call center phone systemTelephony

Call Center System

Call center system in Kenya ORACO Kenya provides customizable call center software solution for small businesses in Kenya. Also, we have call center solutions for large organizations. And companies have …

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