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The use of VoIP softphone for telephone communication has become revolutionary in Kenya. Also known as VoIP software in Kenya, the app converts a computer or a smartphone into a telephone extension. Hence, business executives can dial outgoing calls and receive incoming calls literally from anywhere with internet connection. With the VoIP client, you will never miss that important phone call.

A softphone is an app that enables the busy, always on the move business executives to literally move with office extensions to wherever they go. It is now possible to access and manage phone calls from a computer or smartphone. IP PBX system in Kenya together with VoIP technology has made telecommuting possible. Today, employees who do not require reporting to a physical office to accomplish their tasks can work remotely, sharing files and passing communication between themselves. The VoIP client installation offers all the features available in a physical desk phone only in a software form.

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Once the user has launched the VoIP application on the computer or smartphone, the users automatically have access to features to make calls, hold and transfer a call. Additionally, establish both video and audio conferencing calls recording. Also, VoIP client users can check the availability status of their colleagues to chat and send instant messages.

VoIP Softphone Kenya

The installation and configuration procedure is simple and straightforward. The installation kit is readily available on the manufacturer’s website. The VoIP client application runs on different platforms, that is, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac operating systems. As for Smartphone users, a quick search from the Google play store will reveal several options. And the installation is as simple as installation your Facebook app.

Top Five best Softphones

First, VoIP client apps are software developed majorly by VoIP PBX system vendors to allow users for making calls and collaborate using internet connectivity. So, instead of depending purely on conventional desk phones for business calls, you can also install the VoIP software app on your smartphone or desktop and enjoy it. Apart from the ability to make and receive calls from the app, you can as well manage calls, that is, perform call transfer, call conferencing, and instant messaging.

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Be that as it may, the main purpose for VoIP client software is first; to reduce the total cost of telephone installation. Secondly, enhance workplace flexibility and improve productivity. Lastly, is to create value for stakeholders by unlocking the full potential of the unified communications technologies.

Main benefits of the VoIP Apps

VoIP Software apps can run independently of desk phones. This saves you the cost of investment especially when thinking of setting up a VoIP telephony solution.

VoIP Software apps are good for the always on the move business executives. Never again will you miss any business call even if you have stepped out of your work desk. You can literally move with your office telephone extension.

VoIP Software apps enable you to make office calls for free. All that is required is an internet connection. Use VoIP software app to call colleagues from the different ranch as though they are within the same corporate LAN network.

Scale your VoIP telephony network with ease. No need for big servers. No need for the huge capital investment required at the initial setup. Simplified installation and administration at a small fee.

Yeastar Linkus Mobile Client.

Linkus is a VoIP software app developed for the Yeastar P-Series PBX system. It enables you to view a telephone extension list from your smartphone, receive office calls, and even transfer it to colleagues. Save on telephones cost by using the internet to make phone calls. Never miss a call; the office telephone extension literally moves with you to wherever you want to go to.

Features of the Yeastar Linkus Mobile Client

  • Contacts
  • Keypad
  • Phone service
  • Instant messaging: send pictures and other files
  • Presence status
  • Voicemail
  • Conference calls
  • Platforms: Windows OS, Android, iOS
  • Easy setup and installation.

Zoiper VoIP Softphone

It is one of the most reliable VoIP client apps. Just like the above-mentioned VoIP app clients, Zoiper basically enables you to do audio, video, and instant messaging all from an intuitive user interface.

More importantly though, with Zoiper, you are not limited to a specific IP PBX system. Zoiper software will work with any VoIP PBX system. Similarly, Zoiper can be integrated with CRM and outlook to improve communication efficiency. Zoiper has two protocols: SIP and IAX. Unlike the other VoIP app clients that majorly run on the SIP protocol only.

Features of the Zoiper SIP Client App

  • Contacts
  • Phone service
  • Call transfer
  • Video call
  • Call recording
  • Call statistics
  • Conference call
  • Multiple SIP accounts
  • Keypad
  • Different background color themes
  • Platforms: Windows OS, Android, iOS

Cisco Jabber VoIP App

Cisco Jabber Voip software was developed for Cisco Unified Communication systems. Just like Linkus, it enables users to do Instant Messaging service, conference calls, group meetings, and even enjoy the Presence feature. The installation process might be a bit complex for the non-techie staff.

Features of the Cisco Jabber VoIP Client App

  • Instant messaging
  • Phone service
  • WebEx meeting
  • Video call
  • Conference call
  • Contacts
  • Group Meetings
  • File transfer
  • Platforms: Windows OS, Android, iOS

3CX VoIP Softphone App

Just like Linkus softphone, the 3CX VoIP client app is free for anyone using 3CX Cloud PBX. Therefore it does not require the purchase of a license upon installation. Further, due to the auto-provisioning feature installation is easy. Has a simple-to-use interface.

Features of the 3CX VoIP Client App

  • Call recording
  • Keypad conference call
  • Multiple line configuration
  • Call transfer
  • Phone service
  • Contacts
  • Presence
  • Attendant call transfer
  • Platforms: Windows OS, Android, iOS

Avaya One-X for IP Office

Only limited to the Avaya IP Office PBX system users. Designed for the busy, always on the move workforce. What is more, the app offers exciting unified communication capabilities.  Including all the features that can be found on a physical desk phone.

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What stands out though, is the ability for users to copy-paste phone extension numbers onto the dial pad. This saves time, particularly when trying to build a local phone book; a complete contact list.

Features of the Avaya One-X for IP Office

  • Instant messaging
  • Phone service
  • Conference calls
  • Voicemail
  • Contacts
  • Hold and even Transfer Calls
  • Speaker
  • Keypad
  • Platforms: Windows OS, Android, iOS

Kindly note that for better performance, the VoIP software app should be configured with the IP PBX system recommended by the developer. Except for Zoiper. ORACO Kenya is a dealer, installer of IP PBX systems, VoIP PBX in Kenya. We usually assist our clients to install and configure VoIP applications for free as a value add service.

VoIP Softphone App

Contact us today for IP-based office telephones, the best VoIP software apps for call center system installer, and many more VoIP solutions in Kenya.

VoIP Software App customizations

Upon successful installation and configuration, users will be able to customize the appearance. Apart from changing the caller, they will be able to change theme color, and background image.

Simultaneous ring

When enabled, the simultaneous ring capability allows telephone users to answer calls either from the IP Phones or from the VoIP software client app. During an incoming call, users will be notified from the desk phone as well as the smartphone with the client app and can choose to answer the call from either of the devices.

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The VoIP software client app audio settings

Even though the VoIP software app has an optimized default setting, users are at liberty to switch to other audio options. For instance, there is the echo management feature for reducing echo effects when on call. Also, silence mode features can be enabled to reduce the amount of data usage when the app is inactive. And lastly, the audio gain control feature enables volume increment and audibility.

Multilingual capability

VoIP Software apps take care of cultural diversity around the world. Thus, all the languages of communication are available. Users can easily switch to their language of preference at any moment.

How to installing VoIP software client app

Search and download the installation kit or setup from the manufacturer’s website. It is advisable to download the latest version available from the webpage.

  • Launch the setup for the installation to run
  • Remember you have to accept the license terms to continue with the installation
  • If you are unsure about certain software features, it is advisable to proceed with default settings or seek advice from the System Administrator.

Upon successful installation, the softphone application will pop up. At this point, you will be required to state the IP address to the VoIP IP PBX system plus the user account information as provisioned within the PABX system. Basically, to activate the VoIP software client application whether, on a computer or smartphone, the information in the IP PABX phone system and the softphone client must be synchronized.

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With an active internet connection, the VoIP software app will change its status from offline to online with a green icon on display.

Integration with third-party applications

Companies with their own localized CRM system will find the softphone client a necessary value to add to the app. Some of the popular CRM systems include Salesforce, Zendesk. To simplify client communication and information management, the VoIP client app will be integrated with most of the popular CRM software. Therefore, the CRM system and the VoIP client app will be run as a unit instead of as separate entities. Also, with CRM integration importing client contacts is a breeze.

Still, for VoIP PBX System, IP telephony system, and Yealink IP Phones in Kenya, Contact us by filling in the below form. We are also VoIP solutions experts, also Panasonic PBX dealers in Kenya.

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