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Unified Communications PBX

ORACO Kenya is a supplier and installer of the the Grandstream PBX System in Kenya. We offer the best telephony solution, the PBX being the backbone of an IP telephony infrastructure. The best IP PBX system helps you simplify company processes through extremely adaptable unified communications features. The IP PBX comes in a series of diverse models bringing reliable communication for every business. For example, the UCM 6200 Series is an affordable unified communication appliance capable of supporting up to 500 office extensions and a further 60 simultaneous telephone calls.

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For instance, there is an inbuilt IVR system that will direct callers to the appropriate department for assistance. This is an assurance that communication channels are open all day every day. As a matter of fact, the system will be able to serve the clients even on weekends by recording all the incoming calls for service follow up during the workday.

IP Phone price in Kenya

Furthermore, complete automation of the receptionist phone can be achieved through the auto attendant feature. Therefore an incoming call will be transferred to an internal extension without involving the receptionist. The callers will only press a particular code to be transferred to speak to a receptionist in the event that the service they wanted was not listed on the menu.  

Grandstream UCM6200 PBX

Salient features of the Grandstream Phone System

  • Capable of supporting 500 telephone extensions
  • Support for different communication trunks e.g. FXO, E1/T1, GSM, and VoIP.
  • Capacity to handle more than 50 simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls
  • Easy access to a detailed call record including caller number, call duration and time
  • Simplified configuration platform for IP Phones
  • Secure communication protected by TLS and HTTPS
  • Functional interface ports such as the RJ45 Ethernet port and USB port
  • Support for the auto attendant configurations
  • Integration with productivity application such as the CRM and call center software

Key benefits of the Grandstream PBX system

Automatic configurations for IP desktop phones

The Grandstream UCM6200 PBX features an auto-discovery system that has really simplified the process of configuring IP phones. All the IP Phones have the capability to acquire the DHCP IP address once connected to a network. As it is, there will be no need for manual configuration for the especially for the Grandstream IP Phones. As soon as the desktop phone has been connected to a network point, the PBX system automatically recognizes the phone and assigns it an extension number. It is as simple as that.

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Call queuing system

Big organizations face the challenge of handling an increased number of incoming calls, particularly during peak hours. With an optimized call queuing system, no call will be dropped and no missed calls. As a matter of fact, every call will go through a first-come-first-serve queuing system. Technically, the callers will be held in the queue even as they listen to music or an advert about the services offered by the company. And whenever a previously engaged extension becomes available, the longest caller on the waiting queue will be given first priority.

Company phonebook

Working in a networked environment means sharing of common resources like the phonebook. With the central phonebook, there will be no need for each extension to build its own contact list. The telephone operator will create the contact list and upload it to the PBX in an excel format. Therefore, for as long the IP phones are connected to the network, they will be able to access and search the company phonebook for any contact.

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IP PBX installation

The UCM delivers outstanding video, voice, and data communication solutions for every industry. The vendor will deliver unified communications solutions at a cost affordable to every business whether a startup enterprise or a big company.

Purchasing the UCM solution is a one-off investment. Get to enjoy professional voice communication, HD quality video conferencing and extension mobility. And even better PBX features at a fraction of the budget from the mainstream PBX suppliers. There will be no annual software upgrade charges neither will there be PBX license fees.

Contact us today for the best office telephone solutions including IP PBX, IP desktop phones, and VoIP gateways.

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