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view CCTV cameras on phone

The IP technology has enabled remote access to DVR from any location. Thus, IP technology has enabled the capability to view CCTV cameras on phone. The same concept has been applied in configuring telephone extensions for branch offices.

The ability to view CCTV security cameras on the phone has made it easy to view and monitor activities at home in Kenya. In fact, accessing CCTV remotely is an innovative value-added feature that has been introduced by almost every CCTV manufacturer. This feature is particularly important for homes that are normally manned by hired house help. Also, it makes sense to install home security cameras that can be viewed from the phone. Especially after hiring a new house help, or nanny to take care of children and the home in general.

Even though installing cameras for viewing online might appear complex, a basic understanding of IP configurations will be necessary. As a matter of fact, the actual installation of the CCTV cameras including wiring the entire security system is the most engaging and requires experience.

However, once all else is done, connecting the cameras to the phone is only a matter of accessing the App Store and downloading the recommended CCTV app to your Smartphone. After that, make sure that the configurations on the DVR are the same ones replicated on the app.

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Below, we highlight the simplest way for configuring the DVR system and CCTV app enabling you to view CCTV security cameras on phone.

What is needed to access DVR remotely

The DVR system: connect the DVR to a network switch or router using an Ethernet cable patch cord. Configure an IP address for the DVR. The IP address assigned should be static. After assigning the LAN IP address to the DVR, you can test the configuration by typing the IP address on the browser. If successful, a login interface will appear on the browser, you will use the username and password created in the DVR for login.

CCTV Cameras: the security has to be installed and the wiring is done to the DVR system. In the case of IP cameras, the wiring will be done to any data access point with the LAN.

Internet: the internet will be required at home or at the place of installation. The Internet will be required on the phone as well.

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Computer or Smartphone: obviously you will require a Smartphone. This is because the CCTV app can only be installed on a Smartphone. Hence, a phone with an App Store or Google play store will be smart enough.

The CCTV app: install then CCTV app on the phone. Once all the configurations have been done successfully, you will use the app to view CCTV security from anywhere, at any time. The cameras can be viewed on the phone as long as the phone has access to the internet connection. Any internet connection, Wi-Fi, data bundles, etc

Setting up to view CCTV cameras on the phone

Once the CCTV cameras have been installed, assign an IP address to the DVR system or the NVR. The assigned IP address plus the recommended port number to the DVR system should be port forwarded in the router. The port forwarding can be done under the port forwarding rules on the router. Read more on how to configure port forwarding on a router.

Next, install the CCTV app on your Smartphone. Almost all CCTV security camera manufacturers have their CCTV viewing apps. For example, Hikvision has iVMS-4500 app for Android and iPhone. Create an account after installing the app. Then, you can add the DVR system to the account by scanning the QR code which is usually available at the bottom side of the DVR system. 

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From the app, you will click on the LIVE VIEW. This gives loads of live feeds of what is happening on the ground. The app also allows you to take shots of still pictures.

Do you want to configure your CCTV cameras for remote viewing? Have you tried configuring DVR to view CCTV security cameras on phone Kenya but still keeps failing? Then contact us today for professional assistance. Our technician will readily give step by step assistance.

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