Aside from the IP PBX phone system, the hotel smart door locks are presently one of the most innovative disruptive innovative technology for the hospitality industry. The keyless door lock system for hotel rooms is a must-have feature for every high-end resort.

The smart card lock technology is similar to access control systems in Kenya only without magnetic locks. This keyless door locks technology is not only limited to the hospitality industry. This smart card door lock system can be used in hostels, residential apartments, and even office buildings.

No doubt that the cost-effective and affordable keyless door locks meet the hoteliers’ great need to assure hotel guests of security during their stay at the resort.

Hotel Smart Door Locks Kenya

Specifications of the Hotel Smart Door Locks

  • Finish: Zinc Alloy
  • Card technology: RFID
  • Captured logs per lock: 224 transactions
  • Power supply: 9.0V battery
  • Communication technology: wireless
  • Safety: tamper-proof; emergency unlock keys

The Hotel Smart Door Locks

The Encoder: the main work of the encoder is to activate each electronic card so that it can open the keyless door lock system. The smart card will be activated based on the number of days or nights the hotel guest intends to spend at the resort. As soon as the booked days elapses, the card will be deactivated automatically.

The smart cards: sometimes known as electronic cards. The smart cards play an important role in a keyless hotel door system. So, instead of a guest using a key with a tag to open the door, he will use the smart card to open the hotel room.

The keyless door system: this is the electronic lock installed at every door at the resort. Because the keyless Hotel room lock is powered by a rechargeable battery, it does not require an additional power supply unit. Also, there will be no wiring to the encoder for whatever reason the system is designed to be fully wireless.

A computer system: in order to get access to reports and door entry logs, there must be a computer. We will install and configure the software so that the hotel has access to detailed information about the activity for each electronic smart card.

Why you should install Smart Door Locks in your Hotel

Hotel smart lock comes with very convenient guest safety features. For instance, should a card be misplaced, its door access rights can be removed as soon as it is reported. Likewise, there is an inbuilt panic function button that can be engaged to unlock the door from inside during an emergency.

Apart from safety, the aesthetics and the finish makes the electronic door lock an attractive accessory for the accommodation services. Still, the electronic door locks come in a variety of colors. As a leader in the hospitality industry, you have access to different choice colors, majorly Gold and Silver and Chrome.

Secondly, the smart locks are powered by a battery. The moment the battery charge is lower than 4.0V, a buzzer will sound a warning for a recharge or battery replacement. Nonetheless, the smart lock system will still work, enabling the door to be opened at least 100 times even on a low battery.

Also, the smart door system can be programmed such that if the door handle is not turned after a certain number of seconds, it automatically locks itself. So the hotel guest will be required to wave the electronic card afresh for the door to open.

Manufactured for adverse environmental factors such as high humidity levels. As a matter of fact, smart hotel locks are waterproof. Likewise, they tend to be dustproof. Hence, they will not malfunction in dusty environments such as the in the wildlife parks. For this reason, we have installed electronic door lock systems in hotels at the coastal places and even in the wildlife parks.

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