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Companies require cost-effective unified communications mobile clients that can boost workplace productivity. Ordinarily, most VoIP PBX phone systems have an integrated feature of VoIP software for Contact centres in Kenya that allow free calls. VoIP software is enriched with features that enhance workplace mobility and team collaboration.

The mobile unified communication (UC) client, also known as VoIP software, can be installed as an app on a smartphone. Likewise, the app can be installed on a desktop or laptop computer. Importantly, the app can be integrated with some popular business applications software. Most vendors allow the softphones to be used without pay as long as the IP PBX installed belong to the same VoIP PBX manufacturer.

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Implementing VoIP Software for Contact Centres

How big is the Workforce?

Projecting the size of the workforce engaged at any given point in time will be very important for resource planning. Organizations need to know the estimated number of mobile employees so that the PBX phone system installed will be able to support it. As a matter of fact, the subscription for internet bandwidth will be dictated by the number of employees. So that services that depend on the internet speeds are not severely affected due to network congestions.

Business applications used at work

It is important to determine the business applications regularly used for work by mobile employees. The salespeople would ordinarily rely on a CRM system to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Thus, the UC solution should be compatible with the CRM system. Such that all the calls made and the details of the clients contacted posted directly into the CRM software. Even more, it should integrate with biometric time and attendance, active directory and even payroll software Kenya.

Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] policy

As with all the new concepts, a clear policy framework should exist to guide the rollout. Be that as it may, mobile UC solutions predominantly rely on mobile devices and smartphones. And in most cases, employees would tend to use personal communication devices to execute official work assignments. Hence, a clear policy on the usage of personal smartphones can guide how to use, store and share private company information.

Features of the Mobile UC client

Cross-platform use

The app can be installed on any device at the workplace. The user experience has been optimized such that users have access to all features in spite of the device in use. Enjoy rich communication features whether a laptop computer, desktop computer or a smartphone. And even take care of VoIP security.

VoIP Software for Contact Centres

Internal communications

The app users can still enjoy all the features of a physical desktop phone and much more. For instance, participate in conference calls, transfer calls, view call logs and even chat with colleagues. What is more? There is call waiting, the IVR system , call queue management, call transfer, call pickup, music on hold, call recording, speed dial, telephone contacts, and extension mobility.

Synchronized phone directory

All UC client users have access to all contacts from the BYOD devices. This simplifies both horizontal and vertical communication. Employees do not need to save telephone contacts individually, but all the important contacts can be saved centrally so that all the users can easily access them whenever needed.

Group messaging

Sometimes it can be convenient to collaborate via instant messaging as opposed to voice calls. Apart from being a secure communication method, group messaging enables users to convey information to more people at the same time. Also, the platform enables users to get instant feedback and faster decision making when paired with the Presence feature. Furthermore, those who might be offline will be able to receive the same messages once back online.

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