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At ORACO Kenya, we are known as one of the best computer networking company in Kenya. And as specialist installer of cabling system for data networks and telecommunication infrastructure, we deliver quality LAN installation. Also, installers of the best IP PBX system in Kenya. Our main focus is on meeting current business technology needs even as we give provisions for future developments. We have a decade of experience installing integrated voice and data network infrastructure in Kenya. see also; IT support We have partnered with reputable manufacturers of structured cabling materials. Hence the quality of the cabling that we install offer exceptional voice and data transfer performance even in the environment with the most extreme temperatures. Even more, the cabled communication infrastructure seamless integrate data networks and telephone networks bringing efficiency and flexibility. Structured cabling and networking company in Kenya

What we do as a computer networking company in Kenya

To begin with, our technicians shall schedule a site survey to gather client requirements. Capturing how many data points are required plus the office telephone extensions. Then a bill of quantity shall be prepared. Depending on how big or small the office is, the cost of installation will be adjusted to fit the customer budget. More importantly, practicality and usability will guide the choice of networking equipment. see also; call center software The solution offered can either be a standard one or customized to meet the unique needs of the client. Thus, a site survey will determine the size of the network cabinet, network switch and the IP PBX system to be installed. Be that as it may, the projected number of computers to be used in an office will determine how big the network switch and the network cabinet shall be. Likewise, the number of office telephone extensions will guide the choice of the PBX system. With our extensive experience, coupled with solid knowledge of voice and data network requirements, our installations stand out for competence and professionalism. As a matter of fact, network design is our area of expertise. Our structured cabling and networking technicians have designed simple yet quality cabling solutions.

Structured Cabling Systems

We use top quality networking materials assuring you of high performance and an extended warranty period. Our expertise also includes structured cabling and networking, PABX systems, the IVR system installation, office telephones. Still, we supply and install connection components such as network switches, wireless access points, Sophos Firewalls and routers. Infrastructure development has the benefit of outlasting several generations if scientifically implemented. However, project management requires a lot of investment. Apart from the associated cost, project management can consume a lot of time. ORACO Kenya can redesign and upgrade your infrastructure to meet the emerging business needs. Local area network infrastructure. Even for the best IP PBX system Kenya. Our success as a project management company in Kenya can be attributed to our keen focus on client requirements.

Computer Networking Project Management:

Site survey To begin with, the installation project starts off with information gathering. All data related to the project are brought together for analysis. The project management officers brainstorm and formulate project deliverables. The ideas gathered at this stage are shared with the representatives of the client. As a matter of fact, the main purpose of information gathering is to identify goals a client is hoping to achieve through project implementation. Our team will then use the information gathered to prepare a proposal. The project proposal captures the identified needs and possible solutions. Solution Design The project management officers will begin a solution design after objectives are set. The design process takes into consideration resource availability. The project team comes up with a site plan detailing processes and procedures. For instance, the site plan will show areas where active devices will be fitted. Additionally, the site plan indicates the exact location of the control room or server room. For a data center project, Hardware and Software requirements will be captured. The client receives a copy of the solution design for approval. A tentative implementation schedule is attached for reference.

Structured Installation and cable termination

Following the approval from the client, the next phase is project execution. To begin with, the project management team assembles all the resources required to complete the work. A communication channel is established to keep the client updated all through the entire project life. The quality assurance team are usually present at the site to ensure quality standards adhered to all the time. A copy of the documentation capturing the entire project implementation is presented to the client. A successful site handover means that the project has been delivered according to plan. Also, project success is measured against the objectives set. As a result, the cost and time are taken to completion must be considered. Maintenance and servicing Following a successful site handover, maintenance is obviously the next phase. However, continuous maintenance of the computer networking infrastructure ensures that it serves the client efficiently for longer. Ultimately, the engineers will maintain the infrastructure from time to time. Nonetheless, client input still remains key in project success. Contact us today… let’s talk business. see also: automatic gate installers in Kenya.

Cable management

The cable running all over the place is an eyesore. For this reason, we ensure that we use the right tools to keep wiring the neatly tacked inside the enclosures. Our cable management skills offer a neat presentation and professional finish. Post-sales support With over a decade of experience managing voice and data networks, our lean organization structure devoid of bureaucracy ensures that we live by our philosophy of same-day response to customer calls for support. We have in place all the prerequisite tools for operation in a dynamic business environment. See also; Bitdefender endpoint security Customer service is at the core of our business. So, we make ourselves available for our clients. We assign an experienced technician for voice and data network for each client to ensure that support and maintenance run smoothly. As your computer networking company in Kenya, you can contact us today for all your telephony requirements and, CCTV installation.

Structured cabling systems

As a computer networking services company in Kenya, we ensure that the office networking installation allows for future expansion. Besides office structured cabling and networking installation, we provide professional server room and data center solutions in Kenya. Also, we install server room security infrastructure, corporate network security firewall, and data center cooling systems. Ordinarily, computers that belong to the same network should be visible in My Network Places. However, there are a few settings that need to be looked into and probably updated to enable endpoint visibility in a network. To begin with, all the computers need to belong to the same workgroup. Secondly, network discovery and file sharing should be enabled especially for the private network profile. Endpoint security software can sometimes block connections by default. This is true if you have installed using endpoint protection software with internet security features e.g. Kaspersky internet security. Therefore, instead of uninstalling it, you can tweak a few settings and still get to enjoy full-featured protection. Below, we illustrate how the above procedures can be executed in Microsoft windows so that the selected computers can ‘see’ each other in a network. Upon complete and successful configurations, the IT support service should be able to ping the other computers within the network.

Computer networking installation

Wrong DNS configurations The first reason why computers might not be visible to the rest could be attributed to wrong DNS configurations. The Domain Name Service plays a critical role in ensuring that computers that belong to the same network can share resources openly. Sometimes, system administrators can block specific computers from being visible to other computers because of security. This is cybersecurity attack has become very rampant and can disrupt business operations in the event that a good network firewall is lacking. Furthermore, network security attacks can lead to massive business losses. Fixing a broken down network Another obvious reason for the lack of visibility in my network places could be a broken network. This is especially true if the computer has been visible all the while but suddenly it goes offline. So the network administrator has to check the connection data point. And if possible, terminate afresh the CAT6 network module. Damaged network infrastructure can impair the efficient operation of the VoIP PBX phone system. If the computer network adapter fails to connect even after replacing the CAT6 network modules. Then the cable might have been damaged, cut, or eaten by rats. In such a situation, the next course of action would be to run the Ethernet cabling afresh. This time around making sure that the network cables remain protected inside a conduit or trunking.
Office Networking

Enable file and printer sharing

In most Microsoft Windows operating systems, certain settings have to be updated in the network and sharing center to enable visibility. Enabling the sharing settings on Microsoft windows tends to be straightforward. For instance, navigating to the advanced sharing settings will reveal two distinct network profiles. And these are; the private network profile and the public network profile. When operating from the public network profile, the identity of the other computers will be hidden. However, computer identities will be revealed for all the computers with the private network profile. Also, for each network profile, it is important that those features like network discovery and, file and printer sharing are checked. Create a workgroup After updating the file and network sharing feature, now all the computers have to belong to the same workgroup. The workgroup name can be customized to something meaningful for your organization. You can change it to the company name, department name, or any other name suitable to you. The workgroup name can be changed by accessing the properties section of the computer. The computer properties will be revealed by right-clicking on the This PC icon. It is usually available as a desktop icon. It is from the same window that the computer name can be changed as well. Looking into the above suggestions for network sharing will definitely solve the computer visibility issues. Should there be more complex connectivity issues that require professional structured cabling and networking company in Kenya, then please contact us immediately.

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