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Computer threats from online activities keep changing every day. E-commerce brings a lot of security challenges to the web. The amounts of transactions on the e-commerce platform run into billions of shillings per day. This development presents a great security challenge that has to be dealt with urgently. Hence, the need for the best network firewall. Kaspersky internet security in Kenya has positioned itself as a security partner for online shopping. For instance, the safe money feature protects online shoppers from malware and ransomware attacks. By using the Kaspersky virtual keyboard, there is virtually a nil chance for phishing and skimming. When it comes to online safety, this Kaspersky security software has managed to stay ahead of the pack.

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Below are some protection features that have kept Kaspersky ahead of the rest:

Applications management

Application programs and utility software are the major carriers of computer viruses. To begin with, End-users install any software suggested to them by a colleague. The most common software includes the free youtube downloader and programs for video and music converter. Hence, system administrators need to regulate who installs what software programs and for what purpose. The IT support technicians of yesteryear created standard user accounts to limit users from installing unnecessary software on the PCs. This security software made end-user management even easier. Kaspersky virus removal tool enables scanning and removal of unwanted computer programs. Applications infected with a virus can be flagged and blocked before executing. The protection algorithm ensures even your company’s payroll software is kept safe.

Kaspersky Antivirus Endpoint Security

Installing the antivirus software only takes a few minutes. As soon as the database has been updated, running a full scan can be completed in less than 25 minutes. Secondly, the Kaspersky antivirus 2019 activation license can renew a 2018 software setup. In so doing, the security software will be renewed without running a fresh installation. And this procedure does not affect the protection controls and features. The time that the IT support technician saved during installation can be used to attend to other urgent duties.

Kaspersky antivirus endpoint security

Flexible licensing

Kaspersky is not only affordable but also has very flexible licensing terms. A standard user can purchase a one-user license which comes with an extra free license for an additional device at home. The activation offers full-year protection. There is also another package for a small office with three or four computers. Businesses with over thirty nodes can opt for Volume Licensing. The discounts are even crazier if you are buying volume licensing for more nodes. The licensing terms bring on board all computer owners and they are taken care of no matter the size.

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Improved device performance

With Kaspersky software, it is easy to create and implement user-level policies. These usage policies can be customized to suit the individual user level. User-level policies can be transferred to a new user. Additionally, you can view reports from the dashboard about scan results and general user activity. These reports are particularly important in coming up with a security strategy in combating the spread of computer viruses across the network.

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Kaspersky Antivirus Price in Kenya

The 4 user license Kaspersky antivirus price retails at KES 2500 in Kenya. A discount may be provided in case of purchase of more units.

Kaspersky Antivirus Price In Kenya

Antivirus PackagePrice
Kaspersky Antivirus [2 users]KES 2,000
Kaspersky Internet Security [2 users]KES 2,500
Kaspersky Antivirus [4 users]KES 2,500
Kaspersky Internet [4 users]KES 3,000
Kaspersky Small Office Security [1 Server + 5 users]KES 15,000

The Cybersecurity landscape keeps changing challenging IT security experts to upgrade protection technology and skills. To begin with, organizations need to invest in a network firewall system. Secondly, hire and regularly train computer security staff. Above all, tackling cybersecurity challenges requires that IT experts understand the main entry point used by attackers.

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Be that as it may, technology experts continue to develop more advanced cybersecurity products. Purchasing a good IT security solution requires adequate budgetary allocation. However, most organizations still provide an insufficient budgetary allocation for IT investments. The real effects of weak information security systems far outweigh the projected amount likely to be spent to build a strong computer security infrastructure.

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Investing in the right technology will enable organizations to stay safe from cyber threats. The right technology provides a consolidated platform for managing all protection services. Even the security of the IP PBX Phone system. Whether web firewall, email security or software, and application protection, all can be managed from a single web console. By integrating all the essential security services into a single platform, IT will be able to get better insights from one interface.  

Key benefits of purchasing genuine Kaspersky internet security license

Maintain Integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the information stored

Following a successful cyber-attack, the attackers will deny the rightful owners of information access. Secondly, when attackers gain unauthorized entry into a corporate network or the server systems, the integrity of the information contained therein will be interfered with. Also, the businesses run the risk of losing the confidentiality of the secret business data, patented information, and protecting intellectual property. 

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Protection against potential loss of money

Cyber attackers will always launch attacks for financial benefit. Hence, Ransomware attacks have been targeted at financial institutions. Simply, attackers will ask for a ransom in order to enable access to the servers which is in their control. Still, businesses will likely lose revenue when critical services have been shut down by attackers. Severe disruption to a normal flow of processes in any organization translates to huge financial loss.

Maintain a strong brand in the industry

Cyber attackers will most likely damage the image of the company. And organizations will spend a lot more on public relations following cyber-attacks. Cleaning up in the aftermath of the attack has even bigger effects on employees’ morale. The situation can be worse if the cybercriminals managed to penetrate into a banking institution’s network. The consequences can be dire since customers might decide to panic withdrawals of funds leading to liquidity issues.

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Steps in tackling cybersecurity challenges Kaspersky internet security

Install anti-spam email protection:

Most successful cyber-attacks have been propagated through emails. Through phishing attacks, an innocent employee will be duped into sharing private information through the email platform. The information shared, consisting majorly of login details, will be used to commit fraud. Hence the need for a system for scanning email content including attachments to block spammers. Sophos’ anti-spam technology has been very helpful in preventing email scams. 

Activate Web security firewall:

The web has brought a lot of benefits to organizations and individuals alike, the danger exists therein. On one side, the attackers will design web interfaces resembling legitimate ones and use them to commit crimes. On the other hand, attackers will resort to SQL injection attacks to deface company websites. However, once the web security firewall has been enabled, it will be to the benefit of everybody. Hence, even as the company web server is protected, the employee web browsing experience will be safe.

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Software and application security:

Software exploit attacks usually take advantage of the vulnerabilities that exist in a program. Dealing with software requires that users acquire genuine and licensed software from reputable vendors. Software developers usually release regular updates that will strengthen the system from attacks. However, regular software security updates will only be available to those companies with licenses installation.

Upgrade Wireless network security: 

Attackers have gained entry into private networks majorly through the Wi-Fi networks. Organizations need to adhere to Wi-Fi security guidelines to avoid being easy targets cyber-attackers. Still, manufacturers of wireless network devices will produce firmware updates regularly. Network security personnel should take the initiative to ensure that all wireless network devices run the latest firmware installed. As a matter of fact, the same should be extended to network switches as well.

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Endpoint protection:

Flash drives, also known as USB sticks, have also served as an entry point for attacks. Particularly, malware programs have been transferred from an infected endpoint to another using USB drives. At any rate, good endpoint security software should be able to protect escalated attacks from happening. In fact, the best endpoint protection strategy will involve isolating infected computer’s network access. Furthermore, USB ports can be blocked until such a time when a full cleanup has been completed.

Tackling cybersecurity challenges requires a synchronized security system. A system that does endpoint protection, server security, web protection,

Kaspersky Endpoint Security protection

Ordinary users assume that the antivirus software was made for PC protection. In fact, the software performs even better in virtualized environments as well as physical servers. Many end-users assume that Kaspersky’s Internet security and antivirus software can only run on laptops and desktops. However, the antivirus software can be deployed in workstations as well as in server environments. There is also innovative protection for cloud services.

International endorsements

Kaspersky internet security 2016 is acknowledged as the best antivirus. It has passed a test from various reputable testing bodies. This is an affirmation of its status as the world’s number one protection software. For this reason, Kaspersky remains a well-known brand for computer security.

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As we wrap up, we are proud to be an authorized reseller of Kaspersky in Kenya. Our consumer product offering includes Kaspersky internet security and Kaspersky antivirus. In keeping up with the changing nature of business operations, we are offering awesome offers on Kaspersky Endpoint Cloud Security. These computer security solutions protect business applications and cloud operations.

You do not need to wait for your license subscription to expire before purchasing your renewal. You can actually order the license key a week earlier. At ORACO Kenya, we deliver Kaspersky software installation packs free of charge within Nairobi. And at an affordable cost anywhere Kaspersky endpoint security in Kenya. If your annual subscription is almost expiring, contact us now for discounted prices.  You can also contact us here for expert advice from our Accredited IT Security analyst.

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