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Big organizations have unique telephony needs that cannot be satisfied by all PBX system in the market today. Toll free number in Kenya today is ideal for organization that offer critical services to the society. These include anti corruption watchdog, emergency response organizations like ambulances services and even security departments. For example, security agencies can use toll free numbers to enable people to report incidents easily.This is because a toll free line does not charge the caller. All the charges go the owner of the number.

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Organizations such as banks and regulatory authorities also have toll free lines that make it for them to serve the clients.

As ORACO Kenya, we supply and install PABX System in Kenya that is uniquely suited to address specific call handling needs of a client. Ideally, large corporate organizations require telephone systems with advanced call handling capabilities. Particularly, the ability to support multiple inbound and outbound call routes plus IVR. Seeing that, our telephony engineers went about testing different VoIP PBX for large companies from various vendors.

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Quality of service has always been a major in the implementation of VoIP solutions. Actually, every institution needs the assurance that voice traffic packets will be not be interfered with. In any case, the assurance can only come from a stable unified communications solution. That being the case, we asked our services engineers which one is the best VoIP PBX for large companies? Interestingly, Asterisk open source PBX and the Yeastar VoIP PBX came tops in many aspects.

Provider of Toll Free Number in Kenya

ORACO Kenya provides toll free number in Kenya to organizations that might on a rental basis. Upon registration, we shall charge a standard monthly fee plus talk time minutes on to sustain the line. The talk time minutes can be increased mid month should the account balance be exhausted before the month ends.

Features to look in PABX System installation in Kenya

PBX design architecture

To begin with, the Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX phone system has a modular architecture. Furthermore, each telephony service has a separate interface module. In as much as this is a physical PBX, it has a hosted cloud PBX version. But even so, a customer will only add an interface to a particular service only when needed. For example, a customer will be required to purchase an EX30 expansion module should be there be a need for an extra E1/T1 port.

Toll Number in Kenya

Telephony service scalability  

Even large companies continue to grow to meet various customer needs. Thus, as large companies grow, they will require additional resources to accommodate the growth. Again, this is why PBX modular design will make it easy to scale the telephony services according to customer requirements. Hence, having maxed out the initial allowable number of extensions, the capacity can be increased by adding an expansion card.

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PBX management

For a start, VoIP PBX was built for simplified installation and management. Be that as it may, t comes with a simple user interface with easy access to configuration icons. More importantly, the system administrator will save a lot of time configuring the IP phone system from scratch. Also, the system administrator can access the IP PBX from any computer within the network. This is because PBX presents a secure web-based configuration interface that makes management simple.

Productivity-enhancing features

Enjoy better call handling capability with enterprise-grade VoIP PBX systems. By way of example, have access to productivity-enhancing PBX features like call holding, call transfer, voice mail, mobility extension, the IVR system. Including, call center system, music on hold, auto-attendant, call pickup, and the call queue manager. In the same way, engage automated attendant extension to assist your clients during weekends and on public holidays. Either way, at the end of the day, peruse free call detail reports; giving you access to a rich report on telephone usage.

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Key specifications of the Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX

  • Number of phone extensions: 300 extensions; expandable to a maximum of 500 extensions
  • Maximum allowable concurrent calls: 60 simultaneous calls; expandable to a maximum of 120 telephone calls
  • The maximum number of FXO lines supported: 24 lines
  • Maximum number of GSM gateways supported: 6 GSM gateways (4G/3G)
  • Maximum number of E1/T1 lines supported: 3 E1/T1 lines
  • Processor power: has a powerful ARM A9 quad-core CPU processor
  • Jitter buffer; will counter call latency as a result of network congestion or a major drift in timing
  • Call recording: the PBX has an internal storage disk. There is an option for network storage
  • Events log: the logs capture user logins, trunk status, system errors and software updates

VoIP security

First and foremost, a VoIP attack will be a thing of the past when an enterprise-grade PABX system installation in Kenya. Even though VoIP attacks are not common, they present a huge risk, especially for large companies. The network security feature available in the PBX can prevent denial of service attacks, wiretapping, and fraud. When in fact, once the firewall rules are enabled, such attacks will be foiled before being implemented.

Looking for the best PABX system in Kenya suitable for large companies? Contact us now for a wholesome IP PBX telephony solution uniquely designed for your company’s needs.

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